Review by Tony Razzano for Absolutely Impossible Wallet – Ken Brooke

5 out of 5

This is a fine, fine device for making a prediction! On the video, Joe uses playing cards, which is very strong, but you can use anything that will fit the gimmick. I have used index cards(cut down a bit), folded paper( just regular paper( and photographs (which are also very powerful) The photos can be fun or emotional, depending on your routine. I have one that brings people to the verge of tears. Let your imagination go wild with The Absolutely Impossible Wallet! It looks good and is easy to use. It can be done close up or strolling/table hopping. Reset is quick and easy, and can be done going from group to group, and can be done with different results for each group. With the proper routine, can be done on stage. I REALLY like this wallet and use it all the time. Five stars!!!!

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