Stan Kramien's – Illusion Show Business

Stevens Magic Exclusive

Stan Kramien’s Illusion Show Business

Now you can read one of the most requested books from the Stan Kramien collection – completely free – only at Stevens Magic Emporium. The Illusion Show Business is a book that has sold in the thousands and it contains something for everyone. If you’re like me and love hearing about the history and learning about performers past and present – this is a must read. If you want to get the real deal on the real work behind putting on and performing in the world of show business – this is also for you.

One thing is for sure – Stan Kramien is truly a larger then life magic personality extraordinaire. For those of you already familiar with my previous writing about this man, you know I am extremely biased and a big fan of the man.

Like any good relationship it grows in layers and when I first met Stan I assumed “incorrectly” that we would not have much in common. I later learned how wrong I was. As I got to know Stan and spent time with him, I realized why he was so successful, because he’s likeable, he real and he’s not pretentious. He is able to “connect” with anyone regardless of age, education, back ground, etc. That’s quite a skill and one in which he would of found success in whatever his chosen profession would have been. I’m just glad he selected magic.

Thanks Stan for your continued support of the art of magic with this contribution to our readers at Stevens Magic, your annual Magic Jamboree at the Big Top Ranch in Newberg, Oregon, and all the other things you do! Now we present to you in its entirety, for a limited time – Stan Kramien’s Illusion Show Business Book.