Archive | November, 2013


CASH COW by Wayne Rogers.

CASH COW by Wayne Rogers – Thanks for the Contribution Wayne!  A TWO STAGE ROUTINE PART 1 CASHING A CHECK: The performer explains that not very long ago, checks were the most common way of sending money by post, or paying bills. Now days more and more payments and money transfers are made by direct […]


Al Flosso – The Personal Touch, By Joe Stevens

After College, playing at Wichita State University, I was selected at the end of the 1958 basketballs season to be one of a few lucky players to represent the WEST college all-star team, against the EAST all-star team in Madison Square Garden, NY.  I was there for one week practicing for the big game. After […]


The Magic History Conference – LA

The Magic History Conference – From the Eye’s of Joe Stevens As many of you know, and at the risk of sounding authorative, I have been to a lot of magic conventions all over the world in my many years. I love all of them – even when sales weren’t so great, I still enjoyed […]

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