Al Flosso – The Personal Touch, By Joe Stevens

After College, playing at Wichita State University, I was selected at the end of the 1958 basketballs season to be one of a few lucky players to represent the WEST college all-star team, against the EAST all-star team in Madison Square Garden, NY.  I was there for one week practicing for the big game. After a practice session  – guess where I went?    The Flosso-Hornmann Magic Shop, Al Flosso was the owner of course.  I spent almost all the money I had with me and had to save some back, as there were quite a few days left before the game….

However, there was one effect that Al showed me that I really loved, it cost $15, it was the famous Al Baker Dimenishing Cards.  As I stated above, I had already spent most of my money – I didn’t feel as though I could afford it – even though I really wanted it.

I left the shop for the last time and the next day, I couldn’t get that dimineshing card effect out my mind – I HAD TO HAVE IT!  Yet, I couldn’t go back due to time constraints to Al’s shop to buy it!  It was a magic emergency.  So I called Al on the phone – “Mr. Flosso I want to buy Diminishing Cards that you showed me the other day, but I can’t come and get it due to time constraints – can I mail you the money?”  He replied, “What hotel are you staying at?”  I answered  – The Manhattan Hotel and what happened next I will never forget and always remember fondly.  He blew me away when he said – he would personally bring it over to me!  Indeed that is exactly what he did.

I had no idea how special that event was to have Al Flosso hand deliver, and go out of his way to deliver a $15 effect! That he took the time to deliver a $15 magic trick to a guy from Kansas – is a story that moves me to this day, and one that I very much enjoy sharing.  I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Joe Stevens