Archive | January, 2014

Red Pyramid idea 1

Strictly Scryer – Richard Webster (In The Works)

Here’s a Peek into the next Scryer Project….  The book will be titled Strictly Scryer.  It is estimated to be available early to mid March 2014.  This book as the title explains will feature only routines and idea’s from Neal Scryer himself… FOREWORD by Peter Turner – Let me begin with how I met “Neal Scryer”. […]

Dean Dill

Dean Dill – A Profile by Pete Biro

Dean Dill – A Profile by Pete Biro – 1/16/204 Dean Dill’s Shoppe, in Glendale, California is a must-visit for magicians when they come to Los Angeles or work at the Magic Castle. On any given day you might find somebody in from China, Japan, Germany, England or Sweden. Many regulars like R. Paul Wilson […]

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