A Peek Inside – Forthcoming Alexander Nelsons’ – Believe Book

believefinalAlexander Nelson has put out some intriquing work over the past few years… He has in that process and relatively short time proved himself to be quite prolific. At the same time, I think even Alexander would agree he’s well – eccentric. His first book after a good run of sells was by his command – stopped and is no longer commercially available.  Cut to his second book – which he also recently said – “No More.”  When that book is sold out – it will also no longer be available on the commercial market.  Thus begs the question – will “Believe” follow the same?  You may well – Better Believe it!  That’s the safe bet anyway….  

That stated, we’re getting a little closer and closer and closer…. I have fielded a good number of telephone calls, and e-mails asking about this forthcoming book project by Alexander Nelson. As promised, I informed you that as soon as I had more information I would share it. That stated here is all that I have thus far, but it sure reads well.

Spirit Guide Portrait – SGP – Connect with your sitter, by delivering a portrait of “his or hers” spirit guide!

Ghost Behind You – An experiment that will leave your audience with chills running up their spine. partisans will literally feel the presence of a ghost behind them.  And one person will gain insight from that ghost.

Q & A In the Dark – Alexander’s Signature piece no one in the world does this one and it all takes place in the dark. Exceptionally powerful.

When Will You Die? – This is twisted but one they will never forget as all tension builds. Don’t let the serious title scare you away, because in the end it’s all good. But what a great premise to catch their attention. They will get scared from the get go, but the result could be interpreted in either a very positive manner, or for the true deep thinker – a total revelation that they never would of expected!

Cover Art Concept: Conceptual Graphic Artist Kelly Flack is commissioned yet again by Richard Webster to put his unique touch on this project as he has for many of Richard’s previous works (to give them a sense of added uniqueness). Kelly brilliantly incorporated the concept of Particle Colliders as seen from the Hadron Collider – to symbolically implement the Quantum world and the unknown becoming known! Perfect concept for the forthcoming Alexander Nelson Book.