Alexander Pierce – Fire Proof!

Alexander Pierce is an exceptionally accomplished young performer with unusual respect for old fashioned hard work and appreciation for those that came before him. That’s very refreshing to see a young performer that takes the time to learn about performers that preceded him and pay them respects.



One of the reasons he caught our attention and we knew he was different was because he would come in not looking for the newest “novelty magic” effect but instead request older materials. In fact, he would often prefer and jump at the opportunity to pick up previous generation VHS tapes, many of them where never duplicated into DVD format. 


This caught our attention for sure, and we liked it. As time went by we got to know Alexander better and there was no question he used those materials well. How refreshing it is to watch him perform a flawless card or coin effect and then afterward, acknowledge the performer who he learned it from like Finn Jon, Ken Brooke, Rene Levand and many others.

In addition to Alexander’s impressive mastery of sleights and card work her is also a creative thinker. He put together a great effect titled – Fire Proof! I thought it was done with a thumb tip, but it wasn’t. Then I said to him, “you know that is a great visual effect but can you do it with short sleeves?” A few days later Alexander was back and had completely re-engineered it and performed the same effect with short sleeves!

The effect – Fire Proof is incredibly visual and powerful street magic. Alexander was quick to say that this concept was no means his own, but his adaptation was different then anything we had seen. Even better the effect would sale for about $35 with a DVD instructional, detailed printed instructions with illustrations (I personally love it when someone includes both), and the gimmick – which he himself admits is nothing extra-ordinary but works consistently and isn’t that the most important thing?

If you are interested in Alexander Pierce’s Fire Proof please send me an e-mail at: [email protected] 

We at Stevens Magic are very proud of Alexander … We haven’t had the likes of someone with this commitment to the art since Mark Toland, who interestingly enough also was very big on magic history and at least at the time he worked here considered Fred Kaps to the best! Keep up the good work Alexander Pierce!