Bill Montana and Craig Browning Teleseminar

Bill Montana is going to be featured along with 1761 P. Craig Browning on an upcoming Tele-Seminar. Both of these two performers have books available at Stevens Magic. While not for everyone, if your a fan of Bill or Craig – this is a unique opportunity to get to interact with them and pick up on some of the things they do well – little touches that make a big difference.

“Ever wonder if the reclusive Bill Montana is really just one of Mentalism’s Urban Myths?

Well, here’s your chance to find out. On Wednesday, August 27th, at 8PM (EST), during a teleseminar hosted by Craig Browning, Bill will make a rare manifestation and for two plus hours will reveal his closely-held techniques for making more money from your mentalism. Topics include BOR sales, assembling inexpensive psychic kits that are cash generators, creating pitch books (along with a ready-to-go sample) how and why to use a mystic box and priming people for your products. And that’s just a start.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions during the teleseminar and will have access to a downloadable MP3 recording of it along with event and post-event lecture notes.

Want more? Bill’s throwing in some cool bonuses: a few of his legendary effects/routines that you can use right away such as The Mystical Orb, Pulse, and The Link along with his Crystal Reading Method, a 55-page e-book.

Now here’s the best part. The cost for all this? $47!!

The focus will also be on back room selling. Check out more about this upcoming feature by clicking on the image. We look forward to promoting more of these Tele-Seminars with Tony Blake and Artful Mentalism.

 “MENTALISTS & MYSTERY ARTISTS: On Wednesday, August 27, reclusive and best selling psychic author & performer Bill Montana will be holding a teleseminar on the secrets to making money with mentalism – he’ll be talking about venues, exposure and especially how to use back-of-the-room items to increase your profits… The event will be hosted by noted psychic & mentalism author Craig Browning (Thoth’s 27 Messengers) and will be a dynamic & interactive event aimed at opening new doors for mystery performers (plus we have some great bonuses added – including one phenomenal secret bonus we’ll reveal during the event)… Don’t worry if you can’t attend live, the event will be recorded and available for streaming or download almost immediately after the teleseminar is over…

The event is August 27th – 2014 at 5PM – that’s Pacific Time.  You know, where those “Elders” live!  There is talk going on about a big “East Coast – West Coast” rivalry between the Elders and the 13 – but we don’t know if that will be on the card!  Just Kidding!