Magic Menagerie Trailer – Dr. Todd Landman

Things of value cannot be rushed, rather they evolve slowly.  Magic Menagerie has been in this process for quite some time…  This project launched in the mind’s eye of Dr. Todd Landman unquestionably has gained it’s own momentum, and it will continue to do so until such time that it is fully complete – which is slated for early 2015.  At that time, you will have an opportunity to own something truly unique.  We can’t think of anything in our long tenure in the world of magic that brings together such a cumulative grouping of talent, which is then procured in a manner befitting what you have only wished for in the past.  This is going to shake up the world of magic!  We at Stevens Magic Emporium obviously are very excited to be involved in this project!


Mission Lane Productions, in association with iMovie provides this teaser (A Todd Landman Film) –  Magic Menagerie

Edited by: Derek Bucharest.  Production Designer: Wilbur Black  Director of Photography: Daisy Golden  Casting by Monty Blue  Music by iTunes  Costume Designer Henrty Ginger  Executive Producer Oliver Heginbotham  Written and Directed by Todd Landman