Murder In Your Pocket – P. Craig Browning

MurderInYourPocketStevens Magic Emporium is very excited to be working with P. Craig Browing again, on this exciting project.  It’s good to feature something a little different that engages the audience and also provides powerful entertainment.  We are always looking for creative products venture into new territory and “Murder In Your Pocket” certainly qualifies! Joe Stevens

“This Is Really Going To KILL Them!” – Alain Nu

You bring up a committee of 3 and present 5 cards; one reading KILLER, one reads VICTIM and 3 revealing different modes of mayhem; a knife, gun or poison. Group decides who will take on the two primary roles leaving the 3rd member to hold the weapon of choice. All of these selections are placed into manila security envelopes with the remaining two weapons shared with other audience members as part of the routines finalé.

Using only his fingertips the Mentalist touches each envelope and psychometrically identifies who the Victim is, what weapon was used and whodunit. As a follow-up he accurately identifies who in the audience is holding which weapon.

“Murder In Your Pocket, By P. Craig Browning, Is An Outstanding Effect! It Is A Direct Portrayal Of ESP And Offers All Kinds Of Intriguing Performance Possibilities. I Love The Plot, The Method, The Clear Instructions And The Thinking. There Are No Electronics, No Word Games, No Stooges And No Pre-Show. You Just Do It, Anytime, Anywhere. Then, It Is Instantly Ready To Go Again! Get This!” – Richard Osterlind

  • No Markings or bumps used
  • Perfectly Free Choices
  • No Electronics
  • No Forces of Any Kind
  • No Secret or Instant Stooging
  • No Psychological Control