Review by ALFONSO for The Bridge – The Mentalism of Dreams (Bill Montana) – BK (Bilingual)

5 out of 5

My name is Alfonso, I am 55 years old, I am a well known mentalist here in Italy, write 5 books, performing mentalism from the age of 20, and have about 5.000 books on the subject, and I am a professional NLP trainer and counselor,and Hypnosis expert…… persona is a schaman and healer style, expecially when I perform therapeutic hypnosis…..WHIT THIS BOOK YOU CAN REALLY HELP PERSON THAT NEED TO CONTACT HIS INCONSCIOUS TO HEALING HERSELF !!!!! IT IS NOT ONLY A TRICK, BUT AN ACT OF REAL MAGIC !!!THE BEST MENTALISM/HYPNOTISM/REAL MAGIC RELATED BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER BUYED!!!!! PLEASE BUY STUDY AND ENJOY ! And many many thank to the dealer for his fantastic assistance !!!!!

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