Save 30% on all Flash Paper Products

Expiration: 10/27/2014.  Minimum Order must be $15.00.  Now is the time to stock up on your flash paper products!  Why? Because you can save 30%! Spice up your performance of incorporate these products during Halloween – either way you will make a lasting impression, and even better for a limited time, you can order Flash Products and save 30%. Stevens Magic offers a lot of unique Flash Paper products, including but not limited to: Flash Pads, Flash Cotton, Flash Flowers, Flash Feather, Two types of Flash Paper (thick and super thin), Flash Cord and some Flash Bills. These products are exponentially powerful at making a more dramatic performance. As long as they are stored at room temperature the shelf life last for years and years. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on any of the above Flash Products at great prices.

How To Use: Just add these products in your cart go to “view” cart and you will see the Coupon Box. You MUST click “VIEW CART” to take advantage of this coupon, if you go straight to check out – you are bypassing this coupon! So remember – click VIEW CART, so you can then take advantage of the coupon and then check out. Please note, due to different browsers and versions, there may be issues with seeing the coupon in which case you can contact us or order on the phone. Sale ends 10/27/2014

Note: Image used for this SKU was taken at the start of the promotion and we will not change it daily, so again, despite the image, the promotion ends on 10/27/2014.