Strictly Scryer – Richard Webster (In The Works)

Here’s a Peek into the next Scryer Project….  The book will be titled Strictly Scryer.  It is estimated to be available early to mid March 2014.  This book as the title explains will feature only routines and idea’s from Neal Scryer himself…

Red Pyramid idea 2FOREWORD by Peter Turner – Let me begin with how I met “Neal Scryer”.

Two years ago a good friend of mine Meraux Dantes told me I had to meet a crazy cat that was giving accurate online readings via Skype. I was understandably excited as a lot of stuff I was doing at the time was via Skype. Meraux passed on my email to Neal and within the day I had received a wonderful email from Neal inviting me to talk with him on Skype.

When I first saw Neal, he wasn’t what I had expected looks wise. I had built up this image of a “Zoltar” like character in my mind and when I saw him he looked normal. This is in my opinion what makes him so disarming! He would be mistaken for you or me if he was seen in the street, but he’s not like me or you.

I introduced myself and after introducing myself he told me to get a piece of paper and a pen. He instructed me not to talk at all and just to listen to what he had to say. He began by proposing not to tell me about things I already knew but things that there was no way he could know.

I wondered what he could possibly know about my life as we had certainly never connected before our email/ Skype call. Before proceeding to read me he asked me to place a tick on the piece of paper if he got something right and a cross if he got something wrong.

He started the reading, and he was getting hit after hit. Stuff that is too personal to share here. In all honesty, it was a little too close for comfort. My mind started to race with solutions, had Meraux been feeding him information? Had this guy profiled me?

I thought long and hard. I had never put certain things about my family online, I had never told Meraux these things, so there was no possible way Neal could have known what he was reading from me . . . But he did.

Here is an small excerpt of one of the more impressive parts of the reading Neal did that evening. He addressed me, “I feel you’re in a relationship, or just getting into a relationship and I am getting a feeling of uneasiness with this relationship. Just to be clear, it is not uneasiness in the relationship; this is the family of the girl in question, you are keeping the relationship private. You are having a secret relationship and keeping it from everyone, so the parents do not find out. I don’t know why but Olive Oil or Olives come to mind. I think these are going to be important to your future.”

The strangest thing I found about Neal: he never asked me to confirm or deny if any of it made sense. He didn’t seem to care. I don’t mean he didn’t care about my feelings, or he was just throwing stuff out and hoping for it to stick. I mean he had an air of coolness about him that suggested he knew what he was doing was real, and therefore he didn’t need his ego stroked because it had to be real.

Oh, and just to point out, I had literally just got into a relationship with my now fiancée “Olivia” Walters and we were keeping it from her parents! I had not even mentioned it to my closest friends!

I have talked on the phone and Skyped with Neal lots of times since that original encounter (I call it an encounter as it scared the sh*t out of me) and we have become great friends since. He has shared so many amazing things with me, and I can say I am better at making intuitive decisions for meeting Neal.

When reading this book, imagine the impact you can have on your audiences’ lives. Please guard this book from falling into the wrong hands. This is not a day’s worth of Neal’s thoughts, it is not a week’s or a month’s worth, you have a compendium of secrets Neal has refined over a lifetime! That is too special to get into the hands of the masses.

“Be the story” – Peter Turner


Some of the effects included within are listed below:

Power of love

This is the most convincing demonstration possible with a pendulum…your spectators will love this…

 Telepathic card

Two spectators are chosen. One is asked to telepathically transmit a card to the other spectator. Amazingly, she receives the thought. This effect is extremely strong, and both spectators get credit for having psychic abilities. You are going to love this easy-to-present effect.

Scryer’s confabulations

Two versions, and both are killers. They won’t know what hit them. You can’t get stronger than this, and the easy methods will delight you.

Crystal Quartz

Scryer uses this effect often, and everyone leaves with a crystal. It’s simple, direct, strong, and easy to do. The audience will love you. Everyone gets a reading. In fact, you could do an entire psychic party with this one effect alone, and provide a full hour of mystery and entertainment for ten people.

Who’s the devil?

This is a great walk around effect. It’s simple, yet so strong. One of your audience members plays the part of the devil, and you guess who it is.

Hundred Dollar Bank Nite

This is the perfect walk around bank nite using crumpled up bills. You can keep them in your pocket and be ready to perform at any time. It’s so easy, that it’s almost like doing nothing.

Sneaky Si Stebbins

This must be the sneakiest way to get into the Si Stebbins. You don’t go near the cards, yet you create a real miracle by successfully predicting several spectators’ cards.


This is a complete act. It’s a reputation maker for stage and parlor entertainers. It’s so strong, this could appear on a TV special. Scryer has performed this for royalty and received a standing ovation. The authors were going to reserve the TV rights, but decided not to. Roses is Scryer’s pride and joy. Respectfully, this effect should be kept in the vault.

Reincarnated back in time

Everyone goes back to a previous life. No one says anything. You, the performer, take the journey with several members of the audience and tell them who they were. This is another reputation maker, and is something they’ll talk about forever.

Crematory Journey

One piece that is in the book is worth a king’s weight in gold. Neal feels this is the strongest effect in the book. You lead the spectator through a funeral procession. This effect has a profound and unforgettable climax that the spectator will never forget.

And EVEN more content!

I would pay twice as much for Scryer’s material – it’s been a cornucopia of ideas, routines and information that has been invaluable not just for me, but also for my clients and that’s win-win!  – Richard Lindsey