Annemann Awards 2015 – Recipient Luca Volpe – The Senti-Mentalist (Italy)

Luca Volpe 2015 Annemann Award Winner

Luca Volpe – 2015 Annemann Award Winner – Congratulations! This year Italy dominated the Annemann awards, in so much as both recipients are citizens of Italy  The other winner, was Joe Curcillo, ESQ., who is a dual national of both the USA/Italy. Needless to say both Luca and Joe got a chuckle out of the fact that Italy brought home the two awards for 2015.  For more information about the origin of the Annemann Awards see the bottom of this page.

I recently asked Luca to share with me his motivation and mission.

Luca Volpe: For me, mentalism is all about connecting with people… My greatest hope is to do just that via an emotionally positive manner which also empowers people. That’s the greatest feeling of all, in fact, I have coined a term, I call myself a “Senti-Mentalist”this term says it all!
About Luca Volpe: Without doubt, Luca Volpe is one of the most valued mentalists in the world. Luca has been performing mentalism and “magic of the mind” for over 25 years.  In addition to his unique skill set and routines that have been honed as a result of years of performing, Luca is gifted with unique physical features.  He has very large powerful eyes and an exotic, mystifying yet powerful stage presence. With a strong gaze into a person’s eyes (including my own), you will really get spooked and start thinking, “this guy is really in my head!”
Luca Volpe Annemann Award 2015His experience and wealth of knowledge in this specialty field of entertainment is noticeable in every one of his live performances. He is considered one of the most innovative and original mentalists.  What makes Luca equally unique is his ability to connect with people on a personal level, while at the same time apply a little elegance and “tongue in cheek” style of performance. Striking that balance is no easy task, many performers work their whole lives and never achieve this feat. Yet experience is the best teacher and Luca is a performer that has logged his share of time working every venue conceivable. There are many performing mentalists but very few that have a natural ability to make audiences laugh and gasp during a show like Luca Volpe does.
Over the past few years, he has had the pleasure of entertaining over one million passengers with his live show on board luxury cruise liners that include Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and many more. Numerous private and corporate events have benefited from his performances from intimate weddings to some of the largest corporations in the world.
Yet Luca is a multi-dimensional force, who successfully wears many hats.  For example in the mentalism community he has published books that have sold over 15,000 copies and are prized pieces in the repertoires of many professional mentalists. From a product standpoint, there is no question that Luca has a strong momentum behind him, with a large number of fellow performers (both hobbyist and professionals) that anxiously await his next product release – for good reasons.  He has been featured on the front cover of many industry trade journals, periodicals and magic magazines. Luca has also successfully branched out as a “mentalist consultant” providing sub-contractual work for many professional performers, television and theater shows.  It is this multi-phased application of his talent, and his ability to expand his opportunities in so many different venues that has earned him respect from his peers as well as make his products especially enticing and highly creditable being they are garnered from real world experiences, tested, refined and honed. No wonder his recent book – The White Rose was one of the the top 10 fastest selling limited edition products at Stevens Magic in our 40 year history.
Luca Volpe Annemann Award
Luca is proud to be a member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London, with the degree of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, he has also been awarded with the ‘Silver Star’ which is the highest recognition for his live show. Additionally he has received the Merlin Award for “Mentalist of the Year Europe” and has also won the Nostradamus Award for “The Best Mentalist Europe.” All his awards are well deserved, yet having recognition from his peers is (via The Annemann Award), is particularly sweet.
Several years ago, my son Mark told me about a Luca Volpe. He told me that this is a name I would be hearing more about as the time went on, and this is one prediction that was true!  Mark has also told me that Luca is a class act, and he wasn’t referring to his performance, but his character.  Luca’s material’s has been one of the most requested and most successful commercial lines in the art.  In the past few years he has gained substantial momentum which culminated in his recent top selling, limited edition book titled – The White Rose.   Previous to this project, his “Emotional Mentalism” books Vol. #1 and Vol. #2 have done equally well and are still available.  His ability to deftly be both a powerful mentalist as well as a teacher/consultant of the art (coupled with his impressive previous awards) – added to his credibility to be awarded this latest achievement award – which is well deserved.  Joe Stevens (Stevens Magic Emporium).
Information about The Annemann Award and The Robert-Houdin Award:
Previous recipients: 2013 Richard Webster, Neal Scryer,  Ted Karmilovich.  2014 Jerome Finley, Jon Stetson, Docc Hilford.
In 2013, Stevens Magic Emporium finally implemented a program that had been discussed for several years.  The catalyst originated by Joe Stevens, who has been gifted with (and worked very hard for) a respectful career as a promoter for the arts of magic and mentalism.  Though he performed for many years both as “Candide the Magician,” and “Dr. C,” the mentalist, Joe is probably best known for contributing to various projects directed not at the public, but the fraternity of magic.   These awards are very dear to Joe’s heart and through consulting with several magic ambassadors including and others, Joe has created two awards – which are presented by Stevens Magic Emporium.  The Annnemann Award for Mentalism and The Robert-Houdin Award for Magic.  Stevens Magic Emporium looks forward to carrying out these awards, and we look to evolve this process in 2016 to allow for an additional award titled: “The People’s Choice” whereby members of Joe’s Flash (i.e., our e-mail newsletter) will actively be involved in both the pre-selection of candidates and vote for the “People’s Choice” award.  That for my father, would be the ultimate success allowing for the deserved recognition of the recipient of the People’s Choice award, while at the same time also involve you in this process.  We have the technical ability to carry it out.  What we are looking for is a volunteer(s), who would be willing to organize the People’s Choice Project. If this is something you might be interested please contact me at: [email protected]
The Annemann Award is a full optical crystal award measuring 10 inches tall.  It is multi-dimensional in the shape of a pyramid, which makes it the perfect shape for distinguished recipients of mentalism.  It weighs 7 lbs., and is exceptionally elegant.