Buma’s Totally Telekinetic is Totally Awesome!

Totally Telekinetic

There is no question we at Stevens Magic Emporium are “passionate” about what we do. That has been the driving force behind our success for many years.

We are lucky to work with some of the most creative people in the industry and often feature their items exclusively.  But one I would like to focus on, who deserves the attention is Mark Burger or, for those of us who know him – “Buma Jr.”  The son of Marvin Burger who started the famous House of Magic in San Francisco.

With that introduction, the motivation for this feature is the fact that I am sincerely excited about Buma Jr’s latest offering from House of Magic – Buma’s Totally Telekinetic.  While all markets are speculative, I have a strong feeling (based on both a phenomenal price-point and incredible quality of the product), that Buma’s Totally Telekinetic – may surpass even my optimistic forecast and could be the biggest selling product from his successful line.

I have stated and written several times that “if” there was an award for innovative props in Magic – Buma Jr. should be a recipient.  Magic without the store bought look – that is what you can say about all his pieces. Now,imagine a complete system that enables you to fascinate people on the fly, impromptu, as your leisure. That is what Totally Telekinetic accomplishes as a mind blowing effect. It is equally amazing with respect to value for what you get! The contents both in quantity and quality could well be the most amazing thing about BTT!

Buma - House of Magic

Forget anything you have ever seen before in PK magic. Nothing like this has ever been offered to the magic community before! This is a complete system that enables you to perform miracles, for magic, spiritualism or psychic parties. Additionally, components of this product contain a completely different and unique application never before applied in the field of magic. The contents, quality and uniqueness you get is incredible for the price… Keep in mind as with ALL Buma’s products they are made one-at-a-time, by hand! You will own something truly special and unique.

Buma - House of Magic

Buma’s Totally Telekinetic is the culmination of years of his technique and philosophy. Each piece is hand made and exceptionally well thought out. What the buyer receives is a mini-arsenal of quality props that look nothing like magic props, will never be sold in volume (thus you will own something special) and is constructed of the highest quality materials.

PK Magic Trick

Creating something unique: First, think about how difficult it is to come up with something novel in the age old art of magic. It’s really almost impossible. In fact, even improving on classic props is a tremendous challenge. Yet Buma has achieved “both” of these challenges – many times over. One of his first products – scored big and sold big.  Shortly after scores of knock-off’s and copy’s entered the game.  But regardless, The BUMA Board was the quintessential product that helped brand Buma in the magic world.


  The Buma Board This product probably launched his success.

Just coming up with these ideas is difficult enough, let alone seeking to have them fabricated. Yet Buma learned to hand cast the actual products, refining and going through prototype after prototype. The end result for the buyer is an incredible value in terms of both cost and performance benefit.


3 – 2nd Generation Magicians and The late Great Stan Kramien Center. Back: Buma Jr. Me, and Kramien (Rick) Jr.

Achieving just one round of success is a daunting task yet, Mark Burger (Buma) has done this consistently for years. I remember in 2002 when Buma and I attended the UGM convention in Nagoya, Japan. After that physically exhausting show, Buma was headed further to Europe, Asia and other exotic locations to source materials and fabricators for his ideas and products.


Early House of Magic – San Francisco (Buma Sr. and Jr.)

These efforts bore some fruits with respect to his collectible sterling silver cups and other products, but the real benefit for Buma and ultimately for you was the realization that Buma couldn’t have control over the consistency and quality of his props, as long as he was working with a fabricator thousands of miles away. To find one here in the States, unfortunately would cause the per unit of his products to be at such a price they would be unsellable. Thus Buma took to the incredible challenge of learning how to make his own products – by hand.


Joe Stevens and (Buma Jr), at The Magic Castle.

Since then, as stated in the intro he has created some of the most intriguing and unique props in magic. Whenever you walk by Stevens Magic booth where we feature Buma – you are assured to see something different. It’s not a situation where you see the same product at several different vendors – which is “so” common. Professional Performer Gary Koznitsky who is also a  very successful producer of some of the top selling props on magic understands the benefit of being unique and having quality props – he feel in love with Buma’s JUJU man and purchased two of them.  Gary knows a valuable prop when he sees one and understands the importance of what Buma Jr., always teaches me – “One Is None – Two Is One.”  Although this lesson usually applies to absolute essentials, its apropos in many cases to the art of magic.

PK Magic Kit

Personal Approach to this feature: I consider Mark Burger to be a very dear friend.  He always says, I’m living his life, and that when he views my life it’s like he is viewing his history.  In many ways it’s spooky and true.  We are both son’s of well known figures in the art of magic, who were also both dealers (and equally close friends), who practiced old-school methodology. We both work in the same business that our fathers started.  I remember as a child when Buma Sr., would come to visit us and how much fun he and my father would have.  I remember Joe and Marvin on many a late summer nights going through the latest magic collection my father purchased, while enjoying a bottle of scotch and comradery each one (in a fun way) trying to out negotiate each other  over a special piece of magic.  As a young boy it seemed commonplace for visitors to stay with us – prior to our having the physical shop.  Les Owen would come in his moterhome with Gertrude, Harold Martin, Tony Slydini, Dai Vernon and Faucet Ross, and many others.  But the most fun seemed to be when Buma Sr., would arrive.  Maybe because the both he and Joe were dealers and were passionate about collecting.  It wasn’t until Buma Sr., passed away after an exceptionally busy Halloween seasons, that I got to know Buma Jr.

But while our lives may have a lot of similarity, I will never have the street-smarts of Buma Jr.  I’m very lucky to have his ear, and he always provides me with sage advice.

While Buma Jr., would be the first to admit he is wired differently, because of this he’s a lot of fun to be around and while it’s true we do sell his products, for those that know me, I am absolutely sincere in my belief that his contributions to the art of magic deserve recognition and awareness.   If you have read this far – I want to say – Thank You!

Ju Ju Man - Buma Jr.

Ju Ju Man is a perfect example – each voodoo doll is hand made and looks like nothing you will see anywhere else.