Magic Castle Tribute to Stan Kramien

Stan Kramien Tribute

What an honor!  We were allowed to share this tribute first after the Sept. 26th tribute at the Magic Castle!

Featuring the incredible life of one of the greatest showman in the business. This feature is masterfully done, what is most amazing is the span of variety that Stan endured both re-inventing himself as well as putting together shows of every possible specialty of the art. Close-Up, Parlor, Stage, Animals (Everything from small birds to big cats and all in-between), Hypnotism, Circus, Clowning. Buma Jr., (Mark Burger – House of Magic) told me that without question at Stan’s height of his career he was living an almost Liberace’s life! He had it all mansions, cars, exotic animals and all the pitfalls that go with it. In the end he was a survivor who NEVER lost his passion for the art of magic. Thanks to his son Rick Kramien, he was afforded his passion to the end. Rick not only funded but produced and housed all the famous – Jamboree Magic Conventions! Thanks RICK and also a “big” thanks to The Great Kramien – There Will Never Be Another!

Stan Kramien Magic Castle Tribute