Neal Scryer’s Workshop – Berlin Nov. 6th – 8th – 2015

Note:  We have fielded many inquires as to whether or not we (Stevens Magic), will be offering the Lecture Notes from the Berlin Summit.  The answer is NO …  Unfortunately.

An exclusive 3-day course – With certificate from Neal Scryer.

THE VAULT IS CLOSED! All seats have been reserved! For those that will be attending you will get an incredible value and a once in a life-time opportunity!  

“Neal’s material is always top shelf, I wish I could be there. I know the attendee’s will get more then their money’s worth.” – Ted Karmilovich

“It’s going to be my workshop of a lifetime!” Neal Scryer.

Neal Scryer’s blend of mentalism and psychic entertainment with an esoteric touch looks real and creates interest in our Art. Now I have a new chance over THREE days to learn from Mr Scryer the kind of mentalism I love most. I am very very excited about this and didn’t hesitate a second to sign in!” Erik Eggers, Norway

I attended a workshop of Neal Scryer before. When I had difficulties during an exercise in psychometry, Neal put me in the spotlight…literally, as I suddenly found myself sitting next to him in front of everyone, his treasured necklace in my hands and I gave one of my best psychometry performances ever. Neal’s gentle and insightful guidance broke my mental barriers and I could feel my mentalism level up right there at that moment. – John Reeves, Germany

I’ve been a student of Neal Scryer from the start.  Even if I die tomorrow, I will find a way to go to this workshop!  – Tommy Z. New York

There are a lot of ways to waste money in the mystery arts, but Neal Scryer Berlin will not be one of them. You will earn back your money 100 fold with the information in this master class.  – Zac Barkowski Indianapolis, USA
Scryer Leaves NY




  • Only course of this kind – ever!
  • No co-presenters.
  • No distractions.
  • No rush.

Look at that lecture room… Imagine sitting at that table with Neal Scryer… Discussing new routines, convincing techniques and unheard-of trade secrets! You will learn the proven, time-tested techniques and pet routines from 40 years in the field that made Neal Scryer one of the world’s most successful psychics and sought-after teacher of modern mysticism.

Scryer Workshop Berlin 2015
The material covered in this course will take your mentalism to a whole new level, no matter where you are on your journey. You can apply this to make your routines much stronger, or to convince people that you are genuinely psychic or intuitive. You will not only learn Neal’s best routines and techniques, but you will learn to develop your own routines and readings that are so convincing, so meaningful and so touching that you could start a cult with them (it’s up to you what kind of). Aside from teaching you the techniques that will convince people that you possess genuine psychic abilities, Neal will also teach you 8 of his signature routines from his bestselling books PLUS new routines that he created just for this course. And the best: you will get them nicely bound in hard-copy lecture notes!

If you know him, you know that Neal is a fountain of wisdom and loves to share what he knows. Neal Scryer wants you to succeed in this craft! This is going to be a very personal, intense, hands-on experience in a beautiful location that will get your creative juices flowing. Bring a BIG notebook. You will return home with many ideas and complete routines.

Day 1: Psychic Entertainment
Philosophy and approaches to Psychic Entertainment • Readings, are they worth it? • Are you helping? Always do good! • New Age and the Resurgence of Shamanism (Urban Shamans). • Sacred Deceptions, the use of lies to heal. • The Dangers of Mediumship. Why you may want to avoid it. • How to keep it positive and entertaining. How to give genuine readings for people you just met • Reading techniques. • Readings in an entertainment context. • Beware of this, when doing readings. Techniques and routines for Psychic Entertainment • Listening to your inner voice and how to find it if you can’t hear it. • Methods to jumpstart your intuition. • You’re human, put yourself in their shoes. • The use of suggestion and real body magic to create psychic effects • “The Twelve Roses” from Strictly Scryer • “Remote Viewing Over The Phone” from Scryer’s Secrets • “Scryer’s Easy Seance” from Carnival of Secrets • “Synchronistic Dreams” from the Little Black Book
• Plus NEW, UNPUBLISHED Routines Brainstorming and Developing YOUR Psychic Entertainment.

Day 2: Mentalism
Neal’s Mentalism philosophy • Keep The Method Simple! It’s not about the moves! • Presentation and Meaning. • Involve the Emotions. • Involve the Senses. Techniques and routines for Mentalism • How to give meaning to your mentalism routines. • How to make mindreading look real. • Essential skills for mentalism. • “Scryer’s Human Pendulum Invisible Deck” from Scryer’s 13 • “Scryer’s Signature Duplication” from Scryer’s 13 • “Scryer’s Sneaky Card at Any Number” from Carnival of Secrets • “Pendulum Svengali from Carnival of Secrets” • Plus NEW, UNPUBLISHED Routines. Developing Routines • How Neal sees the world, everything can be used in a routine. • Blending ideas with technique you know. • USE THAT PENDULUM!!! • Example routine ideas, and how they came to Neal. Brainstorming and Developing YOUR Mentalism.

Day 3: Setting Up Shop
How to get clients • Going slow and never taking advantage. • Believe it or not, it’s about honesty. Dealing with Clients • The Crazies Come Out! Real life scenarios and stories from 40 years! • When not to read! Practice • Brainstorming. • Role-playing. • Q&A. • Parting Thoughts and Blessings.

This really is a 3-day – all exclusive, complete course on psychic entertainment and modern mysticism.  You get:

  • 3-days all exclusive Neal Scryer – a complete course on modern psychic entertainment – 8 routines from Neal bestselling books – 4 new routines that have never been published.
  • Hard-copy of lecture notes.
  • A certificate with Neal Scryer’s signature stamp.
  • Personal, intense, hands-on experience – the best Neal has to offer after 40 successful years – lots of brainstorming your own routines and techniques – access to Neal during dinner/drinks after day 1 and 2.

Neal Scryer confirmed: This is a one-time-only event! When you see the price, you will think we are crazy! An event like this would normally cost upwards of €1,000. Heck, €2,000 would probably still be too low. But we decided to price this much lower, because Neal felt that this is the right thing to do.

Event Summary:
Date: November 6 – 8, 2015
Workshop: Friday from 10am to 6pm workshop, then drinks open end
Saturday from 9am to 5pm, then dinner/drinks open end
Sunday from 9am to 2:30pm
Refreshments during workshop hours included.
Social Jamming:
On days 1 and 2, we continue during dinner/drinks with full access to Neal

Secret location in Berlin, Germany
(will be revealed after successful registration)
Price: €695.00
Registration Visit:

Email: [email protected]

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Full name
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A brief statement of intent (2-3 sentences why you want to attend Neal’s exclusive 3-day course).

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