Review by andy for HWallet – Henry Beaumont

5 out of 5

New magic wallets are almost as plentiful as custom decks of cards, almost. So I was keen to try out this new wallet designed by Henri Beaumont and produced by Marchand de Trucs (

It turns out the HWallet is a wonderful multi-purpose wallet that is made of a fine, top-quality leather and is easily strong enough to be used as your everyday wallet. It has plenty of spaces for credit cards and cash and won’t look out of place like some magic wallets do. It has pretty much all the magical and mentalist features you can imagine including: card to wallet (palm and no-palm), out-to-lunch, shogun, multiple outs, peeks and some clever loading and unloading features. On the DVD (which is in French and English) there are five particularly good routines included too.

If you still have not found your “perfect” magic wallet, then this bad boy could be just what you have been waiting for.

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