Review by jaizon for Sim Stones with Manual (Brian Watson)

5 out of 5

I own six of Brian Watson’s products and will be reviewing each of them on Steven’s. In the case of the Sim Stones, the ad copy is dead nuts on. That makes it hard to write my own review because I would just be repeating much of what has already been said. Bu,t one thing you should is that they are not stones. They are pewter and they do have some heft to them, which is very nice. They are little works of art. I did, however, alter them to fit them in better with the context in which I would be using them. In fact, I aged them and changed the surface texture. This is not something I had to do because there was even the slightest thing wrong with them, it was just an artistic choice I made. The system itself, of course, remained unchanged. And a wonderful system it is. Easy to learn, easy to remember and very well explained in a clear understandable manner in the manual.

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