Berlin Workshop 2.0 – Neal Scryer – Heading Back To Berlin!

Mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, lovers of the dark arts, mark your calendars for June 2016, and get ready: Neal Scryer is coming back to Berlin! After the success, joy and intense experience of the 2015 workshop – 3 days almost non-stop (literally!) – Neal wants to do it again…no, he wants to top it. More practice, more insights, more effects, more secrets shared, more free bonuses.


Join the group of 2015 when they reunite in 2016 for 3-4 days at the same inspiring and secret location to continue their study of psychic entertainment with this living legend. Topics for 2016 include: psychic home parties, ladies nights, séance work, psychic readings, Q&A and more.

Neal has permission to share and discuss material by Alexander Nelson, among others. People who attended the 2015 workshop know, how freely he shares what he knows. There will be a few additional seats available for dedicated people to join. Maybe You?

Past bonuses included three of Neal Scryer’s books, discounts at Stevens Magic Emporium, free books by other well-known and well-respected masters of the craft (all PDF versions). The value of the bonuses alone was much higher than the workshop fee.

New attendees will receive the same bonuses plus all the new great bonuses that Neal has in store for 2016!


See comments from previous attendee’s below!

The event was the best workshop I ever attended and I will not forget it! This may sound exaggerated, but I really mean it. It was announced with big words like ‘once-in-a-lifetime’, but this was really not overstated. The energy and enthusiasm of Neal are really unbelievable. He really wanted each participant to learn and take away a lot. The bonuses are unbelievable as well! It was well organized by John Reeves. His calm manner was very pleasant and he was able to steer Neal in the right direction without interrupting his flow. The location was of course absolutely amazing and very inspiring! Nice attendees!  I enjoyed it and learned a lot! Thank you!” Erik, Norway

Scryer's Boot Camp


“I am pretty new to mentalism and this workshop was an amazing experience and I believe it was the best kickstart into mentalism that I could get. In one year of reading through books I didn’t even learn half as much as in this weekend with all that great mentalists. A special thanks to the organizer John and the location owner Martin.”  Cedric, Germany


“That training was a incredible gift to all those who were there, a bit of technique, lots of insights and demonstration, a high value moment. I learned a lot! Thank you Neal!” Christian, France


“Neal Scryer was not like I had expected. He was totally crazy! In a good way. He was so much more than I could have ever imagined. I met a true master, a genius full of love and compassion. Neal is a creative soul with a burning passion. His knowledge and wisdom is worth millions of dollars if you put it to use. What he taught me has given me amazing results already. I will remember Neal Scryer for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for everything he shared with me. Moonstone lectures gives you a unique opportunity to learn from the best. John Reeves did a great job putting it all together and I’m looking forward to attend more Moonstone events in the future. I highly recommend their exclusive multi-day workshops.”  Leo, Norway


“Neal Scryer, you are incredible lecturer. I know a lot about magic and mentalism, but you upgraded it a lot… You gave me ideas that were gold and I now I will use it. You are funny and a great person to be with, no matter if this is in a restaurant or lecture or on the street.  Thank you for this great experience and your incredible gratitude. Giving us the knowledge is one thing, but giving all of those books, this is really a lot. This is why I personally believe you are one of the best lecturers ever. Usually lecturers give lectures just to sell more of their stuff, but you, you are different and that is why you are the best. Stay that way… Thank you for the experience and also thanks to John for organizing it and for Mark Stevens special gift. Next year we will create the best magic week ever!” Matt, Slovenia


“It’s no secret that having a personal coach or mentor can shred years off your journey to success. Having attended Neal Scryer’s no-nonsense, heavy duty, high impact 2015 Berlin workshop, I thoroughly recommend it to every serious student of Magic, Mentalism, and related arts. Neal’s wisdom, generosity and willingness to share, made this the most valuable workshops I have attended in over 30 years as a full time professional Magician/Mentalist.

Neal is a 40 year veteran and while many workshops are dealer demos, or the best working material is held back, Neal held nothing back. Routines and valuable information that can only be learnt from being in the trenches were willingly and openly shared and discussed not only to maximize every opportunity but also to avoid unforeseen pitfalls. Neal’s work on readings is unlike any book on cold reading you will ever read. Simply put Neal’s readings are the real deal, not tired, overused rhetoric from over praised books.

If readings are your thing, you would never need to buy another book on the subject and if they are not your thing, what he shares could simply raise any mentalism or magic show to another level, by using and improving simple and powerful presentation techniques. If you are a serious student of mentalism, reading, magic, or performing arts you owe it to yourself not to miss the 2016 event.” Graham, Australia


“It was an honor and a privilege to organize The Open Vault private summit in Berlin for and with Neal Scryer. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Not only for Neal’s trust in me and the project, but also for the amount of unbelievably insightful information he shared so openly. Readings, Q&A, blindfolded psychometry, working with crystals, using tick sheets, so much more and many original twists to classic mentalism effects. I am glad that I brought a big notebook because I almost ran out of paper to write down all the notes I took. Neal really opened his vault and let us have it all.

And it was the right venue for Neal in this magnificent place. It could not have been more bizarre and magical. The group of participants was the best we could have asked for. They made it as interactive as I was hoping it would be. Thank you so much for every one of them! While expressing my gratitudes, I must not forget Mark Stevens from Stevens Magic Emporium. His support before, during and after the event was out of this world. Talk about a magic dealer who cares! In the name of every attendee: Thank you Mark! For your gift certificate and for everything you’ve done for us! And thank you again, Neal, for a workshop of a lifetime!” – John, Germany


I got one word to say about this workshop – Brilliant!   T.Z – USA