The Robert-Houdin Award 2015 – Recipient Jeff McBride

The World Ambassador of Magic – there is no better fitting title for Jeff Mc Bride. A man that proves that success is about finding something you love to do and making it your passion. Sure it’s hard work, but when it satisfies the soul, it enriches you greatly. In fact that “enrichment” is so powerful that it also radiates outward, propelling it’s positive energy and synergy benefiting thousands of other people. All you have to do is read the recent letter by Christopher George below for proof.

Jeff McBride travels the world spreading joy, education, fellowship and entertainment, he is without question one of the most demand artist of our century. Yet he remains humble, with his feet firmly planted on the ground whether it’s at home in Las Vegas, or at a show or convention in Thailand. Jeff McBride has the gift of creative vision. Jeff embraced early the concepts of incorporating other arts, blending them all together years before the rise of Cirque du Soleil.

Recipient - Jeff Mc Bride

The Robert-Houdin Award 2015 – Recipient – Jeff Mc Bride

His supporters and fans are without question the most loyal and devoted we have ever seen – as they should be… Because Jeff is always approachable, his aura is always strong and positive. In simple truth there is no one in the art that has ever filled the capacity he has – ever. And I don’t think you can find a magician on the planet that would dispute this fact.

In the end, it’s another award for Jeff, a man who deserves every good thing in his life, and much more… But more important then the physicality of the award, it’s the testimony of other’s about Jeff. As is so eloquently stated in “IF” by  Rudyard Kipling’s; “If you can walk with King’s and not loose the common touch,” Jeff McBride is a man comfortable and humble among all people.  A man who while reading this (after the first paragraph), would already be thinking to himself, it’s not just me, it’s very much the people around me, Abbi, Eugene Burger, Tobias, Jordan and Bryce and many others. No question that is true too – but the fact that Jeff would be the first to state it makes him all the more deserving of this recognition.   Below is just one example of the real power of magic expressed by Christopher George.

Jeff and Abbi Mc Bride

Jeff and Abbi McBride

Dear Jeff

The McBride Magic and Mystery school scholarship fund has transformed my life. For ten years I had dreamed of going to Las Vegas and attending the schools Master Class. My goal has always been to become a full time professional magician. Unfortunately every time it seemed I was close to this goal a financial crisis or something would happen the final straw was when my health took a turn for the worse resulting in six surgeries that led to an embolism that almost took my life.

Jeff and his staff were very supportive and never gave up on me. I was shocked when I was given the scholarship to attend master class. The lessons learned through this experience have been forever life changing. Not long after attending class I was hospitalized again.

My wife and I were both let go from our jobs at the same time and I was no longer physically able to do my job. It was time to burn the boats pursue my lifelong dream and not look back. If it had not been for the Scholarship fund and support of Jeff, Abbi, Eugene, Larry, Tobias, Jordan and Bryce. I truly don’t believe I would have been able to survive this total life transformation!
One of the great gifts of my experiences in Vegas was to ask questions of great performers like Mac King and Siegfried to hear the stories of the sacrifices made to be where they are. In the difficult times I reflect on talking to Mr. Siegfried and him stating with magic all things are possible!

It is true the performances I have been doing have helped to financially support our family. I am following my dream daily as our business grows. Truly this couldn’t have been possible without the love and support of so many people and the education I received at the Magic and Mystery school.

Jeff McBride’s belief in me and my dream and his ceaseless work in helping me to receive the scholarship truly changed my life. Literally the Scholarship fund saved not only my life but gave me the pathway to a whole new world of possibilities and I am forever grateful to all who play a part and continue to do so with this Scholarship Program.
Christopher George
Inter-Act Magic

I enjoyed the youtube about the award. I have seen Jeff McBride perform at Magicopolis and the Castle and he does a great show. I also have his book, published by Todd Karr. Jeff McBride is a class act and he seems to be genuinely nice. He signed my book and was friendly after the show at Magicopolis. And, yes, there are a lot of givers in magic. Which is kind to know. – Abe Carnow, CPA


Information about The Annemann Award and The Robert-Houdin Award 
Previous and initial inductee for the Robert-Houdin Award – Paul Romhany 2014 – Titled, The Hardest Working Man in Magic.
In 2014, Stevens Magic Emporium finally implemented a program that had been discussed for several years.  The catalyst originated by my father Joe Stevens, who has been gifted with (and worked very hard for) a respectful career as a promoter for the arts of magic and mentalism.   At this point in his career, he sincerely has an emotional calling to recognize special artist that are due for many reasons.  This is very dear to Joe’s heart and through consulting with several magic ambassadors and others, Joe has created two awards – which are presented by Stevens Magic Emporium.  The Annnemann Award for Mentalism and The Robert-Houdin Award for Magic.  Stevens Magic Emporium looks forward to carrying out these awards, and we look to evolve this process in 2016 to allow for an additional award titled: “The People’s Choice” whereby members of Joe’s Flash (i.e., our e-mail newsletter), will actively be involved in both the pre-selection of candidates and vote for the “People’s Choice” award.  That for my father, would be the ultimate success allowing for the deserved recognition of the recipient of the People’s Choice award, while at the same time also involve you in this process.  We have the technical ability to carry it out.  What we are looking for is a volunteer(s), who would be willing to organize the People’s Choice Project. If this is something you might be interested please contact me at: [email protected]
The Robert-Houdin Award is 100% optic crystal measuring 11 inches tall,  Each award is sand etched with detailed precision weighing over 5 lbs. It is the epitome of class and quality, as it should be both because of the name chosen for the award (Robert-Houdin), as well as the recipients.