Tommy Wonder Rubik’s Card Deluxe

Tommy Wonder’s Rubix Card…  We are proud to state that Stevens Magic Emporium purchased the rights to distribute this excellent effect exclusively! Through six months of negotiations, we were able to compensate the family of Tommy Wonder for the “rights” to sell this effect. Stay tuned for pricing information and availability…


Tommy Wonder Estate Recognized Licenses

Stevens Magic will  introduce the collectors’ version of The Rubik’s Card by Tommy Wonder. Each box is made from beautiful solid black walnut (not plywood).  Unlike unauthorized versions that don’t adhere to the license agreements of Tommy Wonder, this box is authorized and truly will be a remarkable piece of magic, both in terms of history, collectability and execution of effect.  It is also planned to be offered with two different card option choices.


What makes this special?  First – Louie Gaynor.  Aside from that, which for many is more then enough – here are some of the techs: Each box is made from beautiful solid black walnut (not plywood).  It has mitered corners and inset – top and bottom, for maximum durability. It box has five coats of semi gloss finish to eliminate stage light and glare issues, and thus giving the performer a good grip to firmly handle the prop.  Less likely to slip out of your hands, yet allowing for the beauty of the solid wood to be elegantly displaced (as it should be on a piece such as this).  These boxes have an awesome grain and highlight from the wood.

Once in a while an effect comes along that “grabs” the magic world, and this is one of them! It’s clever, a great fooler, has excellent and improved quality (just as Tommy would have wanted.) You will appreciate this effect and IF it’s a gem from Tommy Wonder…you know it’s going to be GOOD! In fact this is one of the effects that will also make you realize just how talented Tommy Wonder was.

Don’t miss out on this one! A beautiful, handcrafted wooden box is shown, which contains several small cubes, of which there are different card pips on each cube. (None matching). The performer then takes the lid and covers the box and has a card selected. The spectator is told to concentrate on the card and it’s pips…and then the spectator is told to take the lid off the box and magically, the once assorted cubes are now assembled in perfect color and order to reveal in splendor the picture of the chosen card!