Elias Arbuckle – A Passion For Magic!


Stevens Magic Emporium is always excited and proud to be associated with the cultivation, energy and attention focused on young magicians.  Going back to our Desert Magic Seminar’s and later the World Magic Seminar’s. Thankfully these efforts continue largely due to Jeff McBride and his fabulous crew!  They do so remaining steadfast to the crucial mission of inspiring young minds to not only continue the art – but mold it in new directions. For these reasons we must all be enthusiastic when we locate young magicians who posses a strong motivation.  We discovered one a few years ago a named Elias Arbuckle.  We have watched him continue to grow and we are excited to introduce you to him.  We wouldn’t feature him if he didn’t have the chops – I assure you. The below article is was written by Shanon Arbuckle, (who herself has vested thousands of hours) helping Elias cultivate the art…

You can follow Elias on Instragram at:  @elias.magic

Elias Arbuckle

As a nine year old boy, being in awe of magic is not a surprising or exceedingly unique quality. Certainly many young children receive magic kits under the tree, but what sets Elias Arbuckle apart is his dedication, his utter passion to learn all he can about the craft he studies. For the past three years Elias has embraced every opportunity available to him participating in magic conventions from Columbus, OH to Las Vegas, NV, working with numerous mentors in the Des Moines, IA metro area, attending and participating in the local IBM ring meetings, performing weekly at a local farmers’ market, engulfing any learning opportunity, and practicing endless hours in his bedroom turned magical studio. Elias looks up to magicians old and new, past and present, enjoying the latest effects and inventions as well as the many secrets buried in the books of the greats. Creative minds like David Stone and Shin Lim inspire him to question and discover while teachers like Michael Ammar push his practice and the diversity of his repertoire. As a card fanatic, Elias is intrigued and driven by Jeff McBride’s sleights and manipulations in his quest to become an entertainer comparable to those he idolizes. As a local working magician and IBM ring president, Jonathan May describes Elias, “To be a successful magician you need skill, passion, charm and personality. Elias hit the jackpot on all four. He is a great magician!” Elias is a self-described natural entertainer with an old-soul who has always enjoyed interacting with adults and finds great fulfillment seeing someone 70 years his elder with bugged eyes or a genuine grin after his performance. His interactions with others who hold the same passion and his opportunities to perform his craft feed the ambition and dedication to the art he loves. A spark that was lit with a neighbor pulling quarters from his ears at age 3 has grown into something that can’t be found in any box of tricks.

Look for great things to come from this big act, featuring a boy of small stature, who has performed magic as far back as his memory will take him.