Neal Scryer’s Psychic Entertainment Bootcamp – June 24-26th


Note: Stevens Magic will NOT be offering the Lecture Notes from this event!  These are only for the workshop attendee’s! 


“When I was informed that Neal Scryer will be conducting his final workshop in Berlin, without second thoughts I quickly registered so I can one day say that I have learned from a person who is regarded as the Modern Day Anneaman..even though I’m flying from the other side of the globe, I know this workshop will be worth more then gold. Who wouldn’t want to make a small investment and gain thousands perhaps millions in potential income? If you have read Scryer’s book, you know what you are in for. I can’t wait!” Kabir Kahn

I’ll be #@%&ed! The last Scryer workshop…. I must leave my lair and harem and attend the legend’s final brilliant workshop! I gladly pay full price to experience the amazing and wild once in a lifetime event. I can tell you from experience from the last workshop, this will be unlike anything you have ever done. Those that went before can attest the power and mysteries that you will be given by attending and learning from this master. You will regret not going, as one day this event will be remembered. Get the Jaegermeister ready Neal, I’m on my way. – T.Z. Underground Legend

Neal Scryer Psychic Entertainers Bootcamp

This summer, Neal Scryer will open his vault one more time. For 3 full days. This is not a seminar or workshop. This is a bootcamp!
Neal will go deep into his method and style of psychic readings. He will do readings with participants and will explain his thinking behind what he’s doing and saying. Participants will then practice in role-plays with feedback from Neal.


Neal will also demonstrate some of his most guarded effects and routines the way he performs them for laypeople, before explaining the secret workings and finer details.

The effects you will learn are great for psychic entertainment, psychic parties and ladies’ nights. But Neal will also show how to apply them to more “standard” mentalism. Neal has permission to share and discuss material by Alexander Nelson, among others. People who attended the 2015 workshop know, how freely he shares what he knows.

Day 1: Readings Intensive
Day 2: Psychic Home Parties and Ladies Nights
Day 3: Séance and Stranger Things
Each day, you will get:
• 5-6 hours of intense workshop
• special interlude sessions with more mainstream mentalism material
• open discussions after the workshop hours on topics of chosen by the group
• joined lunch and dinner/drinks
• snacks and drinks during workshop hours
• open-ended socializing with the group and Neal Scryer

Neal Scryer Bootcamp

The bootcamp is limited to 12 people. Many participants from Neal’s first Berlin workshop in 2015 signed up again. Only a few more seats are available.

Don’t hesitate, if you want to join. Registration closes April 15, 2016.

Bonuses include books by Neal Scryer (PDF), $45 store credit at Stevens Magic Emporium, The Seer’s Gift by Andreas Sibring (a fantastic metal writing kit), Bill Montana’s Inner Psychic Fair Volume 1+2 and Bill’s Inside The Séance Mind (mp3), and great works by other well-known and well-respected masters of the craft.

New attendees will receive last year’s bonuses plus the new bonuses for 2016!