Review by antontheenigmatist for PK Sounds (DVD And Gimmick) – FREE

4 out of 5

The appearance of true mentalism is what the audience believes and this F/X will need good audience management. The results and efforts will be well received. I do this when I have a lot of background music or a distance between the audience like bringing someone up on stage so some distance is really the main ingredient for the to be successful. I have one and ordered another because I have discovered a way to reduce the volume so it can be do with spectators next to the volunteer. You will find this suggestion helpful so it can be performed in both ideal situations and as often occurs not so perfect surroundings. This has floored even those who think they know because I have a unique way 2 make the ?????? disappear so one is complete clean with empty hands. I will say some will find this over priced if they only look at the gimmick and not the dvd and the value of the routine. Best for creative innovative professional performers who is willing to work to get the end effect of pure thought transfer. Thanks Stevens U ROCK. Dr. Anton Nova

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