Review by robert.benedict for Soft Morgan Shell Set featuring re-milled edges. Van Dokkum

5 out of 5

This is a great coin set! The shell is one of the best I’ve seen/owned. I have several silver dollar shells/coins sets by several different craftsmen and this one shares the “best of the best” spot with one other set I have. The coverage of the shell is quite impressive. The re-milled edges accomplish two things: 1). It makes the coins and the shell easier to palm and, 2). it causes the edges of the coins to match the edge of the shell. Matching the patina on the edge of an expanded shell with that of 100+ year old coins, and maintaining that consistency, can be difficult if you don’t use shiny coins. The re-milling of the edges causes the coins (and shell) to look identical from the side. So for someone a little OCD, (I prefer the term, “perfectionist”), like me, the matching edges make for an added bonus on top of the better handling. This is a great set of coins and a quality shell. Worth every penny!

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