Stevens Magic Emporium Celebrates 40 Years! Non-Stop!

40 Year Anniversary - Stevens Magic - Thank You

Personal Thank You Video From The Stevens Family.


Tribute Video for 40th Anniversary Stevens Magic Emporium



sliderSiegfriedRoyGerSME“Siegfried and I have been involved with Stevens Magic via our sponsorship of the Desert Magic Seminar since its inception. We are happy to congratulate Joe, Martha and Amy and Mark on achieving 40 years of success! We have one thing to say to Joe, never retire – life is wonderful… Magical SARMOTI Wishes” – Siegfried & Roy

Spanish: Desde sus comienzos, Siegfried y yo hemos estado envueltos con Stevens Magic a través de nuestro patrocinio del Desert Magic Seminar. Solo tenemos que decir una cosa a Joe, “nunca se retiren”- “la vida es maravillosa”… Magical SARMOTI Wishes – Sigfried & Roy

German: Siegfried und ich sind schon seid dem Sponsorship des Desert Magic Seminars miteinander beteiligt, seid dem Beginn. Wir moechten Joe nur eine Sache sagen – gehe niemals in den Ruhestand – das Leben ist wunderbar… Magische SARMOTI Wuensche – Siegfried & Roy



David Copperfield

Congratulations to Joe and Mark Stevens on achieving 40 years. Stevens Magic Emporium continues to represent the art with integrity, substance and trust. Wishing you continued and well-deserved success… – David Copperfield.

Spanish: Felicitaciones a Joe y Mark Stevens. Stevens Magic Emporium continua representando el arte con integridad, sustancia y confianza. Deseándoles un contínuo y muy merecido éxito… – David Copperfield.

German: Herzlichen Glückwunsch Joe und Mark Stevens. Stevens Magic Emporium repräsentiert weiterhin die Kunst mit Integrität, Substanz und Vertrauen. Ich wünsche euch eine Fortsetzung eures verdienten Erfolgs… – David Copperfield



Criss Angel - Stevens Magic

Stevens Magic has been instrumental in helping a large number of magicians, both starting and established, and have raised the bar for brick and mortar magic shops time and time again! Thank you Joe and Mark, on achieving 40 years, and for everything you have done and will continue to do for the magic community. – Criss Angel

Spanish: Felicitaciones a Joe y Mark en su logro de 40 años de magia!  Han sido instrumentales en ayudar una gran cantidad de magos; a los principiantes y a los profesionales, y han establecido una y otra vez la marca para las tiendas de magia vigentes!  Gracias por todo lo que han hecho y continuarán haciendo para la comunidad de magia. – Criss Angel

German: Herzlichen Glückwunsch Joe und Mark, 40 Jahre Zauberei zu erreichen! Sie waren maßgeblich daran beteiligt, einer Vielzahl an Zauberkünstlern zu helfen, Anfängern und etablierten, und haben die Messlatte für Zaubergeschäfte immer wieder angehoben! Vielen Dank für alles, was ihr getan habt und auch weiterhin für die Zaubergemeinschaft tun werdet. – Criss Angel

Lance Burton


Lance Burton - Stevens Magic
The most trusted name in magic, Stevens Magic Emporium, is celebrating their 40th anniversary. Congratulations to my dear friends Joe and Martha! Let’s hope the next 40 years are also filled with love and magic! – Lance Burton

Spanish: El nombre más confiable en magia – Stevens Magic Emporium. Felicitaciones a mis queridos amigos Joe y Martha en estos 40 años llenos de amor y magia – Lance Burton

German: Der vertrauteste Namen in der Zauberei – Stevens Magic Emporium. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, meinen lieben Freunden Joe und Martha, zu 40 Jahren erfüllt mit Liebe und Magie! – Lance Burton



Mac King - Stevens Magic Emporium

Congrats to my pal Joe Stevens on 40 years of leading the world in fine magic apparatus sales. – Mac King

Spanish: Felicitaciones a mi amigo Joe Stevens en sus 40 años de líder en el mundo de la venta de finos aparatos de magia. – Mac King

German: Glückwunsch meinem Kumpel Joe Stevens zu 40 Jahren weltweit führenden Verkäufen von ausgezeichneten Zaubergeräten. – Mac King

Lance Burton - Joe Stevens - Mac King

Lance – Joe – Mac King – 2015 LA History of Magic Conference


Derren Brown Mentalist

Derren Brown - Stevens Magic

Huge congratulations for reaching 40. None of you look a day over 21. You’re one of the very few truly loved and respected names in magic, and you’ve always been wonderful to talk to and ask for advice. Thank you for every time you’ve gone out of your way to help me even when there was no reason to do so. For being so knowledgeable, so easy and friendly to talk to, and for radiating a love of magic so rare amongst those who deal in it. Much love to you all from London.  – Derren

Spanish: Inmensas felicitaciones!  Ustedes son uno de los muy pocos nombres en magia que son verdaderamente amados y respetados, siempre ha sido maravilloso hablar y pedir consejo a ustedes.  Gracias por irradiar amor para la magia, lo que es raro entre aquéllos que la practican.  Mucho amor a ustedes desde Londres” – Derren Brown

German: Riesigen Glückwunsch! Du bist einer der wenigen aufrichtig geliebten und respektierten Namen in der Magie, und es ist immer wunderbar, mit dir zu reden und dich um Rat zu fragen. Vielen Dank für eine strahlende Liebe zur Magie, die so selten unter denen zu finden ist, die damit zu tun haben. Mit viel Liebe an euch alle aus London. – Derren Brown

Paul Daniels Magician

Paul Daniels Magician - Stevens Magic

Paul Daniels - Magician

40 years? Wow. That must be ‘cos you only sell the good stuff. Debbie and I love you both SO much. – Paul Daniels

Spanish: 40 años? Wao!  Eso debe ser porque ustedes sólo venden lo bueno.  Debbie y yo los amamos mucho. – Paul Daniels

German:  40 Jahre? Wow. Das muss wohl daran liegen, dass ihr nur die guten Sachen verkauft. Debbie und ich lieben euch beide so sehr. – Paul Daniels 


Congratulations Joe, you’ve always been there for all my magic prop needs. I Loved hanging out years ago at your booth during the Magic Castle dealer days. Continued success. – Ed Alonzo


What an accomplishment! 40 years in magic and much more than that: 40 years thriving in the magic trade. We are indebted to you for the way in which you have been proving year after year that this business can and should be respectably run – even in times of tough competition – there is a moral code to be followed and unwritten ethical rules never to be ignored. Your respect for intellectual property rights have set an example that commands everyone’s admiration. Accept my heartfelt congratulations and, above all, my profound gratitude for always having been such a nice person and a good and loyal friend. – Domenico Dante – FISM – International President

Norm Nielsen - Photo: Kari Handler

Photo Credit: Kari Handler

Congratulations on forty wonderful years of Magic! Thank you for your friendship and excellent service to the magic community. You have inspired so many generations of magicians.  We wish you many more years of success!  Norm & Lupe Nielsen


“Having known Joe and the Stevens family for most of these 40 years, it is very difficult to condense their multiple contributions to magic into a few words. However, there have always been two constants all of these four decades and those are class and character. From the beginning the Emporium, the Wichita Conventions and the Desert Seminars have always been first class operations, exemplifying quality and excellence, and always done with the highest character. The core of all these operations was always the Stevens family which brought a wholesomeness and substance that benefited magic and advanced its reputation. For 40 years, Joe Stevens and family have been the hallmark of excellence in magic. Becki and I are honored to offer our most sincere and heartfelt congratulations.” Bill and Becki Wells


“Joe owes his success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice I could give him, and then doing the exact opposite.”………… George Robinson Jr. a faithful friend.


“Without you and your family, Stevens Magic Emporium, I never would be the man, (person) in magic that I am today! We have worked a life time together, with great respect and honor to magic and the working performers. Thank you for your experiences and friendships.” Harold Voit – ZabuberZentrale


When I met Joe Stevens, I didn’t know who he was? That was the start of an incredible relationship by being on the board of the “Desert Magic Seminar”, to Joe marketing my magic….the list goes on and on”. – Pete Biro


To “Uncle Joe”, on the fortieth anniversary of his Cave of Wonders, who without a doubt, can sell ice cubes to Eskimos, in the middle of an Alaskan winter. I know, because I am one of those Eskimos! Indeed, one of my dearest and closest friends and may his ice cube never melt! – Marvyn Roy


In the history of American magic stores there have been a few select purveyors of prestidigitation that have stood out above the rest. This is due to the uniqueness of their wizardly wares, outstanding service, exceptional value, and integrity in transactions. Included in this list is Martinka & Company (Flosso/Hornman Magic Co), Joe Berg’s Princess Magic Shop, Marvin Burger’s House of Magic and Stevens’ Magic Emporium. As a retail store, wholesaler, importer, publisher, video producer, convention host, and internet magic dealer, Stevens’ Magic Emporium has excelled in all areas. Joe Stevens is a true lover of the art of magic and is himself a performer, mentalist, teacher of magic, and promoter of other magicians for the benefit of us all. The whole Stevens family has been involved in the business since the beginning, and the legacy of Stevens’ Magic Emporium will continue with Mark Stevens to reach magic enthusiasts worldwide. It is with great pride that I congratulate the Stevens family on their 40 year celebration of successful sorcery. – Nick Saint-Erne, DVM CertAqV
Certified Aquatic Veterinarian – Author, Poet, Prestidigitateur – Meatball #2


When I first started doing business with Joe Stevens back in 1975 he was one of the first dealers to sell my books and neither of us thought we’d be around forty years later. Stevens Magic Emporium (Joe and Mark) have consistently represented the world of magic with class and respect. They have been successful at giving us the personal touch they still offer today. They are honest in their representations of the effects they market . In addition to having a well-deserved respected company – they are nice genuine folks to deal with. I look forward visiting with them at our conventions and on the internet. Congratulations to my friends at Stevens Magic Emporium ….
George Schindler—Dean- Society of American Magicians


Dear Joe-san and your Family -Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! – Stevens Magic Emporium is loved by magicians around the world, and we wish even more future success to the entire Stevens family. Ton, Mama and Satoshi Onosaka


The modern renaissance in magic began when Joe & Martha Stevens opened Stevens Magic Emporium and took mail order magic to a level of service and selection still unmatched to this very day, it reached its pinnacle via their Desert Magic Seminars and the global magic community it brought together for the first time in a world class venue that highlighted magic’s greatest performers and their acts, it continues to this very second via their web site. 40 years of giving to magic and there still finding new and better ways to benefit magic and its magicians. – Mark BUMA Burger – House of Magic –


Congratulations on 40 years of above and beyond magical services to magicians and the world of magic. Stevens magic will live on forever in the history of magic as being a part of the solid foundation for which magic stands so tall. – Michael Finney – 2009 World Comedy Magic Act of the Year –

Bill Trotter

Congratulations to the Stevens family on their 40th anniversary in business! Your many innovations in the magic community are to be commended. Thank you for accepting me into your magic family. It’s been a blast! I wish you all the best in the future. – Bill Trotter (curator of Joe’s “crypt”)

Jonathan May

“Joe Stevens is a legend. Stevens Magic Emporium is Legendary. Is it possible to think of Don Alan without “seeing” his “Stevens Video” in your mind’s eye, and hearing that wonderful laugh of Martha Stevens’? How wonderful is it that other legends like Tom Mullica have been captured on film for generations of Magicians to cherish and learn from. Can you imagine our wonderful world of Magic without the Desert Magic Seminar, and the impact that it has had on the Giants in our world? When it comes to a magic supplier, store, shop and publisher it is hard to find a comparable source of knowledge, pride and integrity in Magic than Stevens Magic Emporium. Try reading one of our Magic periodicals each month without Joe Stevens or Stevens Magic Emporium being mentioned or referenced. You can’t, he’s there every month, and it is always a great story from some of Magic’s biggest stars. My friendship with the Stevens family (and the SME family) has not only made me a better Magician, but a better person. It is one of my most cherished relationships. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for Magic. – Happy 40th Anniversary!” ~Jonathan May