Brian Watson Magic Creates The Blackpool Magicians Club – Murray Award

Brian Watson Magic

Kudos to our good friend Brian Watson! The Blackpool Magicians Club presents the Murray Award at their annual Convention to honour the recipient for outstanding services to the Blackpool Magicians Club, and for distinguished dedication to the art of magic.

The final figurines of the previously commissioned Murray awards, that were created some 30 years ago, were presented in 2015 and 2016.

Brian Watson Magic Award

Now it was time for a new, modern, and current award to be designed.
The Murray Award - Brian Watson

There was one name in magic that stood out for creating beautiful, contemporary pieces of magical art with an unsurpassed quality – Brian Watson.

Brian was commissioned by the Blackpool Magicians Club in 2016 to design and create a Murray award that featured a likeness of Murray, had a more contemporary look, yet still had a timeless and classic feel. A brief which we honestly believe Brian has not only met, but exceeded.

We present to you, The Murray Award by Brian Watson.

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Brian Watson