Eugene Burger Has Left A Legacy For All of Us! – by Joe Stevens

Desert Magic Seminar VI - Joe Stevens

1983 Desert Magic Seminar Promo featuring Eugene

Eugene Burger Has Left Us! But he left a legacy for all of us! I have many memories of this kind man, who has always been a humble and deserving person! I first got to know him years ago, when we were looking for NEW talent to bring to the DESERT MAGIC SEMINAR in Las Vegas back in 1983. I asked Jay Marshall, who was at that time the “Chairman of the Board,” if he knew of any new talent that we could bring to the event. He mentioned to me—Eugene Burger! I asked him why he recommended him and he told me, “He is the hottest magic talent in Chicago at present.” Jay’s words were always respected by me and we booked Eugene and he wowed everyone! Here was a new and fresh talent that had not yet been fully discovered. I got to know him from that time on until the present. He studied the art… He was a humble and great talent and he never did have a “super ego.” He was always free with advice to magicians – younger and older.

Desert Magic Seminar VI - Stevens Magic

Max Maven, Martha, Mark Stevens and Eugene Burger at DMS

Eugene personified the Art Of Magic as a teacher, and those who knew him – loved him. He was a confidant to many magicians—especially his beloved friend, Jeff McBride, who together made great success out of Jeff’s Mystery School of Magic by way of teaching many magicians the true art of magic.

Joe Stevens – Photo Credit: Levent Cimkentli

I always looked forward to visiting with Eugene. His laughs were always fun to hear and his advice was always well taken. We will miss him, of course. He is now up in heaven with the other great magicians who have gone on before him.

I close this writing by repeating what Joe Berg told me years ago… “There is a difference between us magicians and a ‘Magi.’” What is the difference? A ‘Magi’ is a magician who has dedicated his life in full to the art of magic! I can give no better salute to Eugene, who was and is a ‘Magi’. As Bill Larsen always said when a ‘Magi’ passed on… “Aloha dear friend until we meet again.” – Joe Stevens

Tribute To Eugene Burger - Joe Stevens