Review by RobertFrederico2 for Tornado Force – Robert Frederico

5 out of 5

Robert Frederico’s new Tornado Force Card is a unique visual effect that Magicians will carry with them.
It’s easy to set-up and perform with very little practice. Its one of those effects that you just perform without introducing it. The length of time the card spins is incredible considering there are no metal gears etc. The Playing Card’s balance and specific combination of materials makes this a really unique close-up or parlour illusion. It mimics someone having a lot of skill without months or years of practice or skill. There are two effects where you can levitate and spin the Playing Card on the palm of your hand and pass a pen or any thin object underneath. The bonus effect allows for the same Levitation with your own lighted LED Fidget Spinner. The novelty and strength of the concept is definitely worth the very reasonable price. It’s one of those effects that appeals to a wide range of ages and audience.

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