Stevens Magic Go Fund Me Campaign for Glacyellen Pollyanne Rodriguez

Mark e Cilene Alves Stevens

Thanks for Reading! Mark e Cilene

Stevens Magic wants to send our customers/friends who made a $25 minimum donation towards our Go Fund It Cause as a THANK YOU Gift!  Thus for a limited time, we have put aside a specific amount of limited edition Expositor Books (of which only 50 copies remain) which we would like anyone that makes a donation of $25 or more, to have including FREE SHIPPING! Please make sure when you make your donation that you list your name.  Do not make it anonymously (as we all usually do), because we need to confirm the donation prior to shipping the book.  We have set aside a limited number of 5 different books, for this campaign, but we are starting with the cream of the crop – FIRST!

Thus, access the go fund me page, CLICK HERE, make your minimum donation of $25, and then make sure  you access the correct product page CLICK HERE, and complete your order for the book.  Remember, we also offer this book on our site for sale for $35, so make sure you choose the correct link that is FREE!  See below for more details on ordering.

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More Information about our Go Fund It Campaign! We Need Your Help!  Cilene and I have launched a “go-fund me” campaign for our dear friend – Glacyellen Pollyane Rodriguez, or as we refer to he just Glacy,  Glacy was the “maid of honor” in our wedding.  She lives in the interior of Brazil, with limited medical facilities. Glacy lost her ability to walk shortly after our wedding. We have a photo from the wedding where she is in the background standing and smiling for our happiness. That photo is so bitter/sweet because at this time she was fully aware of her deteriorating condition. Did she do a personal inventory of her life at that moment?  How could anyone not? Did she deal with the reality that she may never have the opportunity to get married, let alone walk on her own – again, I’m sure?  Did she in anyway allow her brutal reality to affect her behavior at our wedding – absolutely not.  How brave and loving a soul she is, to have put that heavy burden of reality on hold while she smiled and was genuinely happy for us.  If you want to know the definition of class, and what a humble heart looks like? I assure you its Glacy.

Stevens Magic Go Fund Me


Despite several surgeries since (I hope you will read her go fund me story) she recently returned from a follow up consultation from the final surgery (that was hoped to give her back the ability to walk).  We called anxious to hear what we hoped would be good news, yet she informed us that the surgery was unsuccessful.  For a woman that is so strong, we heard in her quivering voice (for the first time), her heart breaking tone as she struggled to tell us the difficulties of having to come to terms with the doctor confirming the last hope surgery:

  1. Wasn’t successful.
  2. That she will now spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair (one that she’s had for years is worn out and worse is way too small for her).

Our campaign is simple; to raise funds towards the hopeful purchase of a motorized chair/scooter, and possibly a new standard wheel chair that fits her, thus giving her some degree of independence.

This is a woman who has experienced severe sets backs with incredible consistent cruelty, yet manages to remain a source of inspiration.  For these reasons we are reaching out to you…

The Expositor - Gift for Go Fund Me Campaign

How you can help?

  1. Make a Donation – any donation is appreciated. If make a donation of $25+ we would love to send you this a free book  (right now the limited edition Expositor Book).
  2. Make a donation and help us spread the world of this campaign.
  3. If you can’t support this cause financially we understand, but would be grateful if you could help spread the word.

How do I complete this process?  Simple, first go to the go fund me campaign (CLICK HERE) and make your minimum donation of $25.  Then complete your order here on this page.  Make sure you choose this product page, that has the $0.00 product cost, because we also have this book listed on our site for purchase at $35.00.  Yes – SHIPPING is FREE TOO!  (Unless of course, you have other items in your cart).  But if you only select this book, and you made the minimum donation, you should choose the “CHECK” Option for payment. Of course, don’t send us a check, but this is the only trick we can use to complete the order without your paying for shipping.

If on the other hands you have “other” items in your cart in addition to this “gift” product (which we love of course), and you again made the minimum donation which we can verify, there will be a minimum ship charge, so you can check out as you would normally do.

Here is her “go fund me” campaign and story.

In closing, we are in your debt for any help.  Mark and Cilene Stevens

Quero agradecer sinceramente a todos vocês por terem tomado tempo para ler e apoiar esta campanha. Se por doação de espalhar a palavra de até mesmo a sua empatia …

I want to sincerely thank all of you, for taking the time to read and support this campaign. Whether by donation of spreading the word of even your empathy… Cilene Alves Stevens