Wayne Rogers Passes – Paul Romhany selected to carry on his legacy.

There are people in our industry who don’t have immediate public name recognition such as Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Criss Angel – but this does not diminish their contribution. In underground circles of their peers, these individuals achieve a sort of guru status. Wayne Rogers was one such guru.

Wayne Rogers Magic

We are saddened to learn of our dear friend Wayne Rogers passing after his battle with Mesothelioma. Wayne enjoyed a wonderful life, he married up in every way as he would be the first to admit, has a wonderful family and fulfilled his life passion performing magic and mentalism professionally in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Wayne was an incredible talent in that he was capable of maximizing anything he touched. If it was a magic effect, he would take it to the farthest level conjuring up ideas that made the actual prop, almost meaningless – the goal of any good magician. He would borrow on the sciences, such as psychology to exponentially add to the impact of the routine.

Wayne Rogers Magician

We at Stevens Magic threw a lot at him, and in truth, every once in a while we would throw him the most unbelievable challenge thinking he would realize the absolute impossibility of our request and call us on our joke – but it never happened…

We later learned best not to play with him, as he is so devoted to resolution and mentally locked on to the challenge.

We consulted with him often and all things magic – ethics, mechanics, marketing, and production. Wayne was an absolute GEM to us, the true definition of an advocate and friend. His advice was often freely given and he would always preface it with, ‘hope you take this the right way’ – to which I would reply – “You can take the gloves off any time you like Wayne – you have more than earned our respect and admiration.”

I am totally authentic when I state that loosing Wayne is a double-blow to me because not only was he a friend he was truly a powerful consultant to us.  He was one of our TRIAD’s from New Zealand we counted on, the other’s were Wayne’s mutual good friends – Richard Webster and Paul Romhany.  We have a saying here at Stevens Magic, if you want something to get done right – give it to a New Zealander.  Wayne was one of our New Zealanders. 

Wayne Rogers Mentalist - New Zealand

As is appropriate, I understand that Wayne has passed on his legacy to his dear friend Paul Romhany – which is exactly how Wayne wanted it – and how it should be…

Look for more information I have no doubt in Paul’s Vanish Magazine.