Review by geogh33 for Spidertable Table 4 – 33" Height with 16" x 16" Table Top

5 out of 5

I am a locally performing mentalist who often performs effects that require a table, so several years ago I launched what became a quest for the perfect table. I bought a good wooden Harbin table, but the springs kept pulling out some of the screws. I bought a very portable table, but then discovered why one should view “Made in China” with some hesitation. I bought a four-legged “Pro” table, but discovered that the setup and breakdown time was a hassle, and sold it.
Finally, I bought the Spider Table 4 from Stevens. I like it.. Portable, attractive, appears durable. Perfect? Not quite. For me, for several reasons, the plexiglass table top’s surface is not performance friendly; it requires a mat. With a mat, it is splendid.
Like most guys who are into magic, I have bought stuff that did not meet reasonable expectations. My Spider table exceeds my expectations. in this case, German engineering matches its image!
George Hunter, Kentucky

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