Review by Jim Kleefeld for The Box Goes In Da Box – Peter Prevos DOWNLOAD

5 out of 5

I truly enjoyed Peter Prevos book, The Box Goes-In-Da Box. It gives a history and background detailing Lubor Fielder’s Gozinta Boxes also known as the Parabox or Driebeck Die. There is a section with some intricate math detailing the proportions of sides and why the same-size boxes nest, but you can skim that if math is not your thing. Prevos tells about variations made by other companies, and offers several interesting routines. A chapter tells you exactly how to make your own set of any size, but if you want something simpler, there is a perfect scale patters that you can print, decorate, cut out and glue together to have your own personally designed set. This is another of Prevos’ great research books that give an understanding of a single principle, ways you can use it and the history behind it. It is thoroughly researched and well written and will give you some new insights into ways to use a familiar trick.

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