Review by Jim Kleefeld for The Jastrow Illusion in Magic – Peter Prevos DOWNLOAD

5 out of 5

Peter Prevos has published a fine study of the optical illusion The Jastrow Effect, commonly known as the Boomerang Illusion. You know the one: two identical curved sticks which look longer or shorter when moved above or below each other. His thorough and in-depth study gives a concise history of the illusion including the results of a scientific analysis which proves the optimal size, curve and dimensions that make the trick most effective. This is very valuable information for anyone who wants to make their own set of curved sticks.
Besides a fascinating history, Prevos’ book also gives many examples of commercial tricks and published routines using the boomerang principle, including close-up, stage and sleight-of-hand versions. This is a very entertaining look at a simple but versatile trick that can be used in many ways. It is a very worthwhile investment, especially considering the small cost.

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