Review by Jim Kleefeld for The Möbius strip – Peter Prevos – DOWNLOAD

5 out of 5

Every magician should have a good working knowledge of classic tricks, including ones normally considered at the beginner’s level, such as the Afghan Bands. Peter Prevos’ work on the Moebius strip is a terrific way to familiarize yourself with a great trick that can be used (or exploited) in many ways. This easy-to-read book gives an in-depth look at the science that makes the trick work as well as the history behind it.
The Afghan Bands was very popular as both a stage and parlor trick from the 1920s into the 1950s. Then “modern” magicians decided it was old-fashioned and stopped using it. Today this trick is rarely seen, yet it can be intriguing and amazing and can be adapted to many themes and routines. Prevos’ book The Moebius Strip will do more than teach you how to perform the Afghan Bands: it will give you a lot of valuable background and also some clever routine ideas that you can use to make a dynamic modern presentation.

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