The Richard Webster Berlin Seminar: A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment – Berlin Oct. 5th & 6th 2018

Among mentalists and psychic readers, New Zealand’s Richard Webster certainly doesn’t need an introduction. For more than three decades, Richard has been one of the most, if not THE most influential psychic entertainer, and a pre-eminent authority in this field. He has published more than thirty books for the trade, including such money-making topics as psychic parties, ladies’ nights and pitch books. He is also one of the most successful authors on the new age market where literally millions of copies of his books have been sold.  He has won numerous awards and recognition’s including the Annemann Award.  

It has been said – and rightfully so – that Richard prompted more people to successful careers as psychic entertainers and readers than anyone else. Chances are that you’re one of them – or will be!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Europe, here is your chance to spend two full days with Richard Webster and learn from the master himself …

The event will take place on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Richard Webster will be there to share not only his groundbreaking techniques but also his most recent thoughts and ideas on psychic entertainment.

Whether you live in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Hungary or, for that matter, any other European country, your next step in becoming an even more polished performer is only a short flight away. The event takes place in the parlor of an elegant hotel in the western city center of Berlin and is easy to reach with public transportation. You’ll love the stylish surroundings!

For a detailed curriculum, visit

Many serious pros would regard a consultation with Richard as an investment that makes their acts and performances more lucrative. They would readily pay hundreds of euros for just one hour of personal instruction. So how much should a two-day-, twelve-hour seminar with a strictly limited number of 15 participants cost? €800? €1.000?

Not even close. If you act quickly and book until August 31th, 2018, you will pay the unbelievably low cost of: €246,50!

This includes special lecture notes, an ebook and – for a limited time – a discount on all of Richards books for the trade!

Afterwards the price increases to – still very affordable – €290.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your place at the Richard Webster Berlin Seminar: A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment! Register now!

In order to register, visit  Please register directly with Richard. We have included the price below in USD, but it is subject to change daily based on currency evaluations.  But for those in the US they will have an idea of what the cost is.


Part I
Psychic Effects

There are magic tricks and there are mentalism effects. What Richard Webster teaches you in this section of the seminar belongs to a different category: psychic effects. These are valuable techniques to convince your audiences that you have special powers at your command – often without reverting to any trickery at all.

Part II
Cold Reading Techniques for the 21st Century

Cold reading as Richard practices it doesn’t mean that you rattle off stock lines in order to deceive gullible people. It means that you’ll be able to give meaningful, helpful readings to discerning people you have never met before and impress them with the accuracy and depth of your insight into their character and troubles.

Part III
Super Practice Session

This won’t be one of the seminars where you return home with a foggy mind! Be it the handling of a certain psychic effect or the clever wording of a cold reading technique, Richard will guide you calmly and helpfully through the learning process, so you’ll be able to utilize his innovative ideas in the briefest possible time.

Part IV
Entertaining Mentalism

Richard Webster strongly believes that entertainment should form an integral part of mentalism. His own style bears witness to that, as all of his presentations are charming and fun to watch. In this part of the seminar, Richard demonstrates how humor can add to the impact of your act even if you market yourself as „the real thing“.

Part V
An Afternoon with Richard Webster

After all the hard work, it’s time to relax, grab a cup of coffee and have a chat. This is your chance to personally get to know the man who has been – and continues to be – such an important force in the business and art of psychic entertainment. Moreover, you can ask him all the questions you ever wanted to!