Review by JONATHAN TODD for TK W Reel System – Take (Japan)

5 out of 5

People this is WAY better than you think it is. I am THRILLED with this unit. To be clear – it has TWO individual reels linked. Take a pack of cards and place a reel on the left, and another on the right. Tie the threads together. Then make a system that allows you to touch the top and just grab the thread without fuss every time. The prop supplied with the reels is a holder that exactly fits in a deck of cards. It can also be in a pocket or on the table. The ability to have a tensioned system with two opposing reels is brilliant and affords incredible options. I have not seen anything quite like this. I am doing a couple of card tricks, then put the box of cards in my pocket and as an afterthought bring it out(switch for the box with the TK-W system in it) and leave it on the table. Then say – Oh – better than another card trick – may I borrow your wedding ring? Switch done. Card box looks like the one you were just using and is not under any suspicion. Instant grab of thread is sure every time – there is a recess the the thread floats over so your finger goes down and you are hooked up. This is one hell of a WORKER solution to ever-ready thread with an anchor. Feels like Kevlar thread and is very invisible and holds a ton. Easy to reset on breaking when it does happen. This is a 10/10 for me and I hope my review helps turn this on to others.

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