Review by JONATHAN TODD for Transformer Coin System – John Jurney

5 out of 5

I opened the box. I peed a little! It’s THAT good! That exciting! This is about the best value and most wildly useful coin set I’ve ever seen. It is so well made. The routines are fantastic. Tons of videos and clear instructions provided. The moving card matrix with these coins is about the best double reverse kicker matrix ever seen. The Marion Boykin special coins from box Deja Vu is just POETRY. If I just had $250 to spend a year on magic this would be my buy now that I’ve had a day to explore and play! 10/10! BUY IT or regret it for the rest of your life. Sorry for gushing. I’m off to the bathroom now. . . Hope this helps those of you on the fence.

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