Review by andrew_hly for Card In Ring Box – Tommy Wonder (Van Dokkum) – Walnut with wide Rock Hard Maple inlay

5 out of 5

I’ll start by saying I loved this so much that I ordered a second box. It’s a beautiful little prop, and is in fact the exact dimensions as Tommy Wonder’s original prop. It facilitates TW’s effect perfectly.
HOWEVER: There are a few differences with this box than the one described in the Books of Wonder. Please understand that these are not necessarily cons; but they are notable differences if you’re expecting a box matching the EXACT description in the Books of Wonder.

1st: The decorative “button” on the front is fixed above the opening of the box, instead of overlapping the opening. TW expresses the importance of this detail in the book. However this does not compromise anything. The springy nature of the lid makes up for this detail which brings me to #2…

2nd: The hinge is an elastic fabric; not silk. This means the lid does not swing freely, but actually has a spring action. This makes up for the function of the “button”, but you’re not going to want to open the box all the way. If you’re familiar with the Books of Wonder, you’ll understand the function of the button, and how the elastic hinge offers the same function.

3rd: The internal gimmick is oriented from side to side rather than front to back. This means you cannot tilt the card side to side as you’ve seen in the performance video. This is another lacking detail that Tommy emphasizes in the book. If you are willing, I’m sure you can modify this yourself. Personally, I’m not comfortable dismantling my $150 box, haha.

4th: The card is removable, but the gimmick is not. The gimmick is adhered to the bottom of the box. Again: not really a big deal, but if you refer to the book, Tommy has a specific reason for having the gimmick be removable.

All of these details aside, it is still my favorite card to box I’ve ever owned. Like I said, I purchased a second box as soon as I got my hands on the first one. I‘m only pointing out these details because I don’t want Stevens Magic to receive any harsh backlash from customers who were expecting the exact box from the Books of Wonder.

I highly appreciate Stevens Magic for making this box available again, and I will continue to give them my business.

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