Review by antonnova77 for Amber – Buma (House of Magic)

5 out of 5

Amber is one FUN-Tastic effect for a fast and go anywhere trick. This is one go to routine when asked on the spot to do something BECAUSE IT IS SO VISUAL and magic they will remember. A great F/X for HALLOWEEN but good for anytime. A lead in could be movies and scary insects.
I finish my routine with spectator handing me back the spider & I attach my I.T line. I wait a minute and then the spider crawlers across the back of my hand and stops just before LEAPING at the spectator as I grab the spider midflight and upon opening my hand he is gone.
Amber will get your magic talked about because there is something SPECIAL about being GOOD SCARED. The quality is exceptional as with all the HOUSE OF BRAMS products.

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