Review by Edwin C for Catch Me and Win by Gene Maze

5 out of 5

Learning On the Barrel Head just doesn’t get any easier. I’ve been entertaining people with Fast & Loose as part of my street-magic con games for 20 years, so I bought this to see if it had anything to teach me. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. This ancient con as taught by Gene Maze, Harry Lorayne and Meir Yedid adds a whole new (vertical) dimension to my game. The props are first rate. The instructions are clear and super-easy to follow. FOUR easy-to-master new moves just in Gene’s lead-in segment will create hundreds of new opportunities for hilarious play with my street audiences. The rest is creative gravy. Thank you, Joe and Mark Stevens, for offering CATCH ME & WIN to your customers. I’m delighted to be one of the first to purchase this package from you.

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