Review by Sidney for Badlands Bob II

4 out of 5

I purchased one of these from Viking. It is a nice idea, in that you can do some other things other than the standard trick with the regular Badlands Bob. The magician can appear to make a prediction by placing the die in the box, without the spectator seeing what the number chosen is. The box is placed in a small cloth bag. Six cards (ace through six) are given to the spectator to mix, face down. They are dealt on the table, and the spectator can choose one (no force). Before the spectator looks at the card, the box is removed from the bag, and the number on the dice is revealed, which matches the chosen card. Some of my friends still prefer the original Badlands Bob. On the negative side, the inside of the box is not square. I have been able to change the number on the die by shaking the box in a certain way. Also, the red die that I received would stick inside the box when trying to turn it to a particular number. I managed to sand the inside of the box until the die did not stick anymore.

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