Review by Sidney for Ribbon CAAN

3 out of 5

Watching the demonstration is so impressive – that is what made me purchase it. It took some time, but I finally got it worked out. The instructions are through a link online, and I found that there are several points of information that is lacking, and there is some confusion to the set up, but I figured it out. I had to watch the demonstration over several times in order to figure out just what Vallarino did – he did perform a special move, although imperceivable unless you know what needed to be done at that moment. There is a limit to the number selected, and there is no instruction as to what to do if the spectator chooses one of those numbers. I found it a bit difficult to make the deck with the product supplied, but I purchased some Roughing Stick, and it works much better. If you buy one, you may have difficulty figuring out the missing information. I got it working nicely, as long as you manage your audience as to the number selected.

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