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"Enough is Enough" - Alexander PierceBelow is both a contribution as well as a creative routine from Alexander Pierce! We are excited to post another contribution by SME resident magician - Alexander Pierce.  Thanks for your positive comments regards to his previous contributions. Alexander Pierce is a talented artist in many ways, including a love for magic.
“Penny for Your Thoughts” - Alexander Pierce Alexander Pierce is a talented artist in many ways, including a love for magic.  Every 10 years or so, you will find a local talent that really sticks out ...  We have had some great ones from Nick St. Erne, Bill Gardner, John Born, Mark Tolland and most recently Alexander Pierce.  Alexander has true passion and respect.
Mind Summit May 23-25, 2015
Magic Menagerie Trailer - Dr. Todd Landman Things of value cannot be rushed, rather they evolve slowly.  Magic Menagerie has been in this process for quite some time...  This project launched in the mind's eye of Dr. Todd Landman unquestionably has gained it's own momentum, and it will continue to do so until such time that it is fully complete - which is slated for early 2015.
Murder In Your Pocket - P. Craig BrowningStevens Magic Emporium is very excited to be working with P. Craig Browing again, on this exciting project.  It's good to feature something a little different that engages the audience and also provides powerful entertainment.
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