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Annemann Award Winners for 2016We are very excited to announce this years Annemann Award goes to Christian and Katalina!  Our senior partner, Joe is issuing the request to seek them out and congratulate them! Their commitment to the art is 100% and all of us at Stevens Magic Emporium are big fans of their work - though Joe is adamant abut making sure he tells us he is their number one fan!
Elias Arbuckle - A Passion For Magic! Stevens Magic Emporium is always excited and proud to be associated with the cultivation, energy and attention focused on young magicians.  Going back to our Desert Magic Seminar's and later the World Magic Seminar's.
Neal Scryer's Psychic Entertainment Bootcamp - June 24-26thOFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!  The unit is LOCKED DOWN!   Note: Stevens Magic will NOT be offering the Lecture Notes from this event!  These are only for the workshop attendee's!  Contact: moonstonelectures.
Irene Larsen - The Princess - Feb. 25th, 2016  Princess Irene Larsen passed away last week, Feb. 25th, 2016 at her home in Brookledge, the Larsen home compound for years and years! Irene was member #1 of the AMA, and was the love of the Academy.
Stevens Magic Emporium Celebrates 40 Years! Non-Stop! Personal Thank You Video From The Stevens Family. Tribute Video for 40th Anniversary Stevens Magic Emporium “Siegfried and I have been involved with Stevens Magic via our sponsorship of the Desert Magic Seminar since its inception.
Berlin Workshop 2.0 - Neal Scryer - Heading Back To Berlin!Mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, lovers of the dark arts, mark your calendars for June 2016, and get ready: Neal Scryer is coming back to Berlin! After the success, joy and intense experience of the 2015 workshop - 3 days almost non-stop (literally!) - Neal wants to do it, he wants to top it.