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14th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History - 2015 "The art of magic enjoys a wide variety of ambassadors - all provide valuable services. On one end, there are the hobbyists who performs for friends. On the other end of the spectrum, there are dedicated artist whom have vested years of time, practice, "as well as" comprehensive study of its history. The LA Conference of Magic History is geared to the ladder.
Dealer Day in Des Moines! See you there!Joe is resurrecting the Dealer Days!  With a long history of taking magic to the people.... In the 80's and 90's this campaign featured dealer's such as Al Cohen, Collector's Workshop, Viking Magic and Stevens Magic Emporium.
The Experts At The Card Table - David Ben & E.S. Andrews (Magic Magazine April 2015 Feature)Stevens Magic Emporium is very excited to offer this book to our esteemed customers who appreciate the best! The book is a masterpiece in layout, editing, formatting and narrative.  Equally remarkable, it features incredible photography including close-up sequential shots, like I have never seen. And yes, there is even the elusive photo of E.S. Andrews.
Magic Castle Tribute to Stan Kramien What an honor!  We were allowed to share this tribute first after the Sept. 26th tribute at the Magic Castle! Featuring the incredible life of one of the greatest showman in the business. This feature is masterfully done, what is most amazing is the span of variety that Stan endured both re-inventing himself as well as putting together shows of every possible specialty of the art.
Buma's Totally Telekinetic is Totally Awesome! There is no question we at Stevens Magic Emporium are “passionate” about what we do. That has been the driving force behind our success for many years. We are lucky to work with some of the most creative people in the industry and often feature their items exclusively.
Neal Scryer's Workshop - Berlin Nov. 6th - 8th - 2015Note:  We have fielded many inquires as to whether or not we (Stevens Magic), will be offering the Lecture Notes from the Berlin Summit.  The answer is NO ...  Unfortunately. An exclusive 3-day course – With certificate from Neal Scryer.