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Magic Castle Tribute to Stan Kramien What an honor!  We were allowed to share this tribute first after the Sept. 26th tribute at the Magic Castle! Featuring the incredible life of one of the greatest showman in the business. This feature is masterfully done, what is most amazing is the span of variety that Stan endured both re-inventing himself as well as putting together shows of every possible specialty of the art.
Buma's Totally Telekinetic is Totally Awesome! There is no question we at Stevens Magic Emporium are “passionate” about what we do. That has been the driving force behind our success for many years. We are lucky to work with some of the most creative people in the industry and often feature their items exclusively.
Neal Scryer's Workshop - Berlin Nov. 6th - 8th - 2015An exclusive 3-day course – With certificate from Neal Scryer. THE VAULT IS CLOSED! All seats have been reserved! For those that will be attending you will get an incredible value and a once in a life-time opportunity!   "Neal’s material is always top shelf, I wish I could be there. I know the attendee’s will get more then their money’s worth.
FISM 2015 – A DREAM COME TRUE by Deana Murray Over 2700 magicians and traveling companions including me and my good friend, country singer, Lynn Anderson magically appeared at the Italian Riviera for the 26th FISM contests and performances for what can only be described as the Olympics of Magic.  FISM [Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques] is held once - every three years in a different country.
Gary Kurtz - Spectator Affirmation Part I of 3 parts.GeMiNi Buried Treasure from prolific Gary Kurtz - part one of 3.  Spectator Affirmation If a magician (whose profession it is to deceive people) says something, there is always a question in the spectator’s mind as to whether he is telling the truth or not. But, audiences will automatically take the word of a fellow spectator.
Tommy Wonder Rubik's Card DeluxeTommy Wonder’s Rubix Card…  We are proud to state that Stevens Magic Emporium purchased the rights to distribute this excellent effect exclusively! Through six months of negotiations, we were able to compensate the family of Tommy Wonder for the “rights” to sell this effect. Stay tuned for pricing information and availability...