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Gary Kurtz - Spectator Affirmation Part I of 3 parts.GeMiNi Buried Treasure from prolific Gary Kurtz - part one of 3.  Spectator Affirmation If a magician (whose profession it is to deceive people) says something, there is always a question in the spectator’s mind as to whether he is telling the truth or not. But, audiences will automatically take the word of a fellow spectator.
Tommy Wonder Rubik's Card DeluxeTommy Wonder’s Rubix Card…  We are proud to state that Stevens Magic Emporium purchased the rights to distribute this excellent effect exclusively! Through six months of negotiations, we were able to compensate the family of Tommy Wonder for the “rights” to sell this effect. Stay tuned for pricing information and availability...
The Great Kramien-Last Of The Tall Grass Showman! 1925 - 2015 We lose another legend from the past!  He was one of the best showmen and promoters of all and I will remember him for a long, long time! Not many if "any" like him left now. - Joe Stevens    Below are some "great" links we strongly encourage you to check out, if you only have time for one, click on The Oregonian below.
Thoughts by Alexander Pierce You asked for it! You got it!  More from Alexander Pierce. Thanks to those of you who have expressed interest about the articles posted by local magician, Alexander Pierce.  I encourage you to please contact him directly, with your comments.  Many of you I have spoken on the phone with about these postings, but feel free to engage Alexander directly too at: alexanderpiercemagic@gmail.
Annemann Award 2015 - Recipient Joe Curcillo Esq. (Italy/USA) Joe Curcillo has had a few good years of well-deserved recognition from his peers. In 2014, at the IBM/SAM Combined convention in St. Louis Joe was humbly surprised to learn he was the recipient for the Milborne Chrisotpher Award for Mentalism.
Annemann Awards 2015 - Recipient Luca Volpe - The Senti-Mentalist (Italy) Luca Volpe - 2015 Annemann Award Winner - Congratulations! This year Italy dominated the Annemann awards, in so much as both recipients are citizens of Italy  The other winner, was Joe Curcillo, ESQ., who is a dual national of both the USA/Italy. Needless to say both Luca and Joe got a chuckle out of the fact that Italy brought home the two awards for 2015.