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The Magic Word Podcast - with Scott Wells - Featuring Special Guest - Joe Stevens - Magic Dealer TrailblazerCheck out the latest Magic Word Podcast that just went live featuring none other than Joe Stevens! Titled the Magic Dealer Trailblazer. Scott does a fantastic job capturing the best minds in the art and for many of us it is the stories and fellowship that is just as important as the performance of the art of magic.
Bizarre Hauntings Is Coming - Special Stevens Magic VIP Bonus From Vince Wilson: This is a conference for Story Telling Magic, not just bizarre stuff.
Poe's Magic Theatre - VIP FREE Upgrade for Stevens Magic Clients - June 15th, 2019 - Featuring Peter SamelsonPeter Samelson is a “magician’s magician”. Christened the "soft-spoken conceptualist of sorcery" by the New York Times, Peter Samelson has performed atop the Great Wall of China, in the jungles of Bali and the universities of Tokyo, He has performed for celebrities, and Grand Prix race car drivers on the World Cruise of the Queen Elizabeth II.
An Appreciation: René Lavand Added Beauty to Amazement - By Mark Levenson Stevens Magic is excited to feature a contribution from Mark Levenson. Mark is an accomplished writer and aficionado of the magical arts with a focus on close-up, history, Punch and Judy, and the intersection of magic and puppetry. He got his start in magic at age four, as a production prop in the employ of his grandmother, “Lightfingers Ida.
Pete Biro Contributions to the art of Magic - By BUMA JR., (House of Magic) From Buma Jr. - House of Magic. Buma nailed it with the below. Scott Jenkins did an incredible job at keeping Pete's spirits high and the art of magic close to him till the end... Written by Buma Jr.
Max Armstrong - Broken Wand - By Joe Stevens “Master Magician and Illusionist” has passed away! Max was 85 years old, but you would never know it, he was an avid runner and in love with magic for most of those 85.  As such he led a very active life!  He was also extremely physically fit as a result of his passion for running and it appeared whatever Max did, he was passionate about.  Same was true with the art.